Whatever Wednesday

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

 What my Workout Routine has been:

Pure Barre is ahhhhmazing! If you have never tried it, it is such a different workout from anything else on the market right now. There are franchises popping up all over the country, unfortunately none of which are closer than an hour from me. While I do occasionally make the trip to Lexington to take classes (which I would HIGHLY recommend trying if you're close to one...first class is free), I have been doing the dvd's at home 3 nights a week. Actual classes are on such a different level motivation-wise because the instructors I have had are phenomenal, but the dvd's are tough work, too. I would recommend the packages pictured above to get started. You can get the Pershing Square series here and the 16th Street series here. I'll be investing in the Mile High and Flatirons packages next. 

On the nights I don't do Pure Barre, I have a standing appointment with Jillian Michaels. Home girl is no joke with these workouts. You can get 30 day shred here and Ripped in 30 here. Again, I highly recommend both. Even though I've always worked in gyms, I've spent a large majority of my workouts outside the gym. This works great when my workout time is 10 pm. 
I'm looking to start two-a-days this week with an early afternoon session of Crossfit when Juston gets home from work and maintaining my night-time workouts. A lot of people say not to workout at night, but it's never bothered me as far as sleep. If anything, I sleep better. Any other dvd's workout recommendations are welcome! Looking to expand my collection.

What I'm reading:

Almost finished up with this book and it's pretty good. The female main character sort of annoys me a little bit, but the plot line is really similar to Sweet Home Alabama as far as having a new love in your life but still longing for that first love, the one who got away. It's a good beach read type book. Available here.

What I'm Wearing:

Loving these J Crew Factory Rainy Day ballet flats. They're comfy, match everything and best of all, work for a sunny or rainy day. They do have other really springy colors still on the website.

What I'm Wanting:
Pretty sure I'm going to need this dress for wedding season this summer. Waiting for it to go on sale before I pounce on it, but it's just so cute and different.

What I'm Laughing About:

So I should preface this by saying, I am not a selfie-taker. I do not have an iphone (gasp), I still rock the Blackberry, that's just how I roll (mostly b/c the phone was free from the generous Brother-in-Law), but anyway, I had Caroline and I in these adorable coordinating anchor outfits and wanted a picture oh-so-bad (as I do with everything else in life). Well, Juston had left me his phone, an actual iphone, so that I could record my niece playing her violin solo since he had to work that night. Naturally, I decide I must take our picture...
What an idiot. haha. I was trying so hard to get her to look and smile that I completely neglected to notice the fact that I was making the stupidest face, while Caroline continued to mean-mug, her usual expression. This is a good sneak-peek into the stupid things I do to get a good picture out of this kid. Her look says it all...I'm sure this is just the first of many times I'll get that face. She gets it from her Daddy.


  1. way to go on the workouts! i have so many photos just like this (with the baby who's not smiling and me, looking crazy)! so cute. love your blog!

    1. Thank you! I'm such a selfie rookie haha, but I'm sure I make way goofier faces trying to get her to crack a smile ;)