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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Been on a workout kick here lately and I love sharing good ones, so here's one of my Leg Day workouts. For the weighted exercises, I use 15 pound dumbbells, but it you're a beginner, I'd recommend starting with 8's or 10's. 
Weighted Lunges~ These can be done stationary, stepping back, stepping forward or walking straight through. Do what floats your boat. 
Single Leg Squats~ These are best done standing on an elevated surface like a chair, that way you can flex your non-standing foot and drive your heel towards the ground to really focus the work on your standing glute. These are killer, with or without weights!
Side lunges~ Start with feet together, take wide lunge laterally, making sure that your knee never travels over your big toe. You should still see it when you look down at the low point in the lunge. Weight these also if you can. 
Glute Kickbacks~ Kneel down on hands and knees, place dumbbell behind working knee and with heel flexed, kick up towards ceiling and return to start. 
Plie Squats~ Assume a wide stance (wider than hip width), toes and knees pointing in opposite directions and lower as much as possible, then return to start. Use weights.
Deadlifts~ Feet are hip width, knees soft, weights in front of thighs. Keep weights close to legs as you bend forward, hinging from the waist as far down as you can, then slowly return to start. Great for the hamstrings!

Enjoy :)

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