11 Months and a Discount Code

Monday, July 8, 2013

I've been working on some new bows for my Etsy Shop, even some collegiate ones since football season will be here before you know it! I'm trying to add new styles at least once a week and even take custom orders.

And I wanted to offer readers a discount code to kick off my new styles! 

Just enter code SBP15 at checkout for a 15% discount off of your order. I've never done a coupon code before, so hopefully it works! haha

And now, for the main reason for this post, my sweet baby is ELEVEN MONTHS OLD! As in, only a month away from being a whole entire year old! This almost year has been a complete blur.

Age: 11 months
Birthday: August 7, 2012
Weight: 18.25 pounds, shes lost weight since becoming super mobile
Length: 26 ish inches
Sleep: Bedtime is 8:30 now that it stays bright so long and usually she's up for the day by 6:00. We still have a few wakeful nights, but I really think it's bad dreams.
My Bedtime Routine: Oatmeal at 8:15, watering the plants and garden with mama after that, then face, hands and knees wiped down, clean diaper and pj's on and nursing until she falls asleep, then into the crib.
Favorite Toy: Tupperware, empty bottles or containers, books with flaps she can rip off, her swing and any toy of the dogs. 
Clothes Size:  9 month and 6-12 month.
Diaper Size: Size 3 
Milestones Reached:  First steps taken, saying lots of new words, actually sitting still to look through books, dunked in the swimming pool, new foods tried and lots and lots of others. 
Favorite Foods: Green Beans, Bananas, ice cream, Teddy Grahams, vanilla wafers, whole grain Eggos, and sweet potato fries. Most everything else, she could take or leave.
Best Mood: She is becoming sweeter and more enjoyable almost daily, but typically her mood, much like mine, depends on sleep.   
Teeth: two bottom teeth and two top teeth all through and sooo cute! Her gums are very swollen where her k9's are and I'd be willing to bet her next bout with teething will pop up while we are on vacation next week.
Words: Mama, Dada, Mamaw, Papa, Bye, Hi, Arf, No no.  Waving, panting like a dog, growling and mimicking sounds are her strong points too.
Crawling: All over the place, pulling up easily and taking a few steps if enticed with the right thing or person.

And her new favorite move for pictures is the old school "Number 1" we always used in cheer pics.

These next few were on her actual eleven month birthday...

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