Weekend Wrap-up

Monday, July 1, 2013

Life is just better in the summer! Pool, boating, weddings, long days, warm nights...it's hands down my favorite time of the year!

We started our weekend with some matching outfits and swimming at my sister and brother-in-laws house with the cousins, who Caroline just adores!

Starting to rep the red, white and blue early on Saturday while playing with rocks and trying to scoot around in this walker thing Daddy brought home from Wal-Mart. In true Wal-Mart fashion, the thing was cheap and didn't work so it went right back, but it was a sweet gesture nonetheless. 

Saturday evening was wedding time. Here's all the chicks, minus Mama who was taking the picture. Caroline stayed with my parents since it was a long Catholic wedding in a church with no air and my child can't sit still for a hot second. There's no way she would have made it through even half of that wedding without a hissy fit. She tends to be one of those babies.

We did manage to get a few family pictures that didn't suck. For some reason, anytime the baby is in a picture, the adults end up not looking at the camera since they're looking at the show behind the camera that it takes to get Caroline's attention for a millisecond.

All the cool babies nurse standing up...it's clearly time to start the weaning process haha. One more month.

Naturally, more matching at church Sunday morning. SHE MADE IT THROUGH THE WHOLE SERVICE!!!! This. has. never. happened.  A lot of snacks, juice, toys and peek-a-boo from the families sitting behind us, but she did it!

And finally, some topless front porch sitting smiles. 

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