Oh Shift~ Our Lilly Haul

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How tired were y'all of this screen after yesterday? Like the rest of civilization apparently,  I logged onto Lilly Pulitzer's site yesterday morning at 7:58 am ready to score some deals, and was promptly given the 'Oh Shift' screen for approximately three hours every time I tried to add anything to my tote. Ugh. same story, different year, but I digress. I did eventually score some great things at some pretty awesome prices.

I managed to snag the Delia dress in Let's Cha Cha. I got this pattern for Caroline for next summer from Zappos a few weeks ago and y'all know I'm a sucker for the matchy matchy :) I also got the Callahan shorts. They fit perfectly and I love the pattern.

I did miss out on two of the things I wanted most of all and that would be the Callahans and Murfee scarf, both in You Gotta Regatta. It's one of my favorite Lilly Patterns.

And I made the rookie mistake of not checking out immediately after putting the First Impression scarf and Kelsey wedges in my cart so they sold out before I could complete checkout. Boo. Oh well, guess it's back to trolling Ebay for them. 

Caroline made out like a bandit for next year!

Ruffled Pullover

Multi Chin Chin swim suit

Britta Baby Dress in white lace

I would link to the items, but everyplace I checked is sold out. I did manage to get her the mini Callahans in You Gotta Regatta so obviously I have to find them in my size. And finally, for a matchy matchy fall finish, I'll be ordering us these dresses for next fall when Caroline can fit into the XS sizes in Little Lilly.


  1. Oh my goodness...I love everything!! She is going to look SO precious in her Lilly!!

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to put it all on her :)