Caroline's One Year Pictures

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kacy Cierley took these one year old pictures of Caroline. I know my husband doesn't understand my uncontrollable urge to capture each and every moment on my camera or to constantly schedule photo shoots, and I'm sure he'd love to roll his eyes every time I say "take a picture" but to me, these are memories that I will cherish forever! And I think he's starting to get on board, too! Unfortunately, he had to work the day these were made so he didn't get to sneak in any! There's always the Christmas pictures, dear :)

I absolutely could not love these any more if I tried! I know she's not smiling in most of them, but Kacy just did such a great job capturing her personality and all her little looks. They're just what I wanted. She snapped a few mama and baby pics too that I just adore!

And then there were these little gems. Caroline had obviously had enough at this point haha

Like I said, totally captured her personality ;) If you're in the Ky/ WV area, I would highly recommend Kacy Cierley Photography!


  1. She is a doll! These pictures are precious!


  2. Oh my gosh! I am gushing .. she is absolutely gorgeous, Jena.

    I love her little bumblebee outfit in the end photograph and the little green jumpsuit in the middle.

    You make me broody so you do :p

    Laura xx

  3. Thank you! Etsy and baby gap :)