DIY Tutu

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A few months back, I came across a photo on an Instagram account that I follow that was just precious. Mama and daughter were in matching ivory tutus and it looked like something straight out of a Fairy Tale so naturally I wanted to re-create it SO BAD! So I hunted down a tulle skirt for myself, how very Carrie Bradshaw of me, and after pricing a few for Caroline, decided it would be way cheaper to just make hers myself. I'd see the 'how-to's' on Pinterest many times and it couldn't be easier. The total cost is minimal, it just take about an hour of work time.  Just a disclaimer, I'm terrible at how-to's but I'll give it a whirl.

You need:
4 yards of tulle fabric in any color you like, I used ivory
Elastic to match (amount will depend on size you're making)

 Start by cutting your fabric into about 2 inch strips

Once you've cut all of your strips and are ready to start on the actual tutu, you will take a strip and fold it in half lengthwise.

I tied the elastic around my leg since it was about the size I needed and secured it with a pin. Next, you will take the folded end of the tulle and take it under the elastic.

Once you've taken it about halfway, thread the raw ends through the folded end and pull towards you to secure. 

Be sure to keep each section very close to the previous one. Every few strips, I would double up on strips of tulle just to make it really full, but that was just a personal preference thing. To finish this one, I literally tied it in a knot and fluffed the tulle so you couldn't see but I finished it like five minutes before we were leaving for these pictures haha. But you can easily secure with a needle and thread for a more finished look.
 I thought this could be a helpful little DIY for anyone still searching for Halloween costumes.  Little ballerina tutus are a great Halloween costume and this is super cheap and simple. Throw on some tights, pointe shoes and a leotard and your little chick is all set to trick or treat!

Hopefully, everyone's child will be as thrilled with the final product as mine was.

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