Off to the Races~ Our Day at Keeneland

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The beginning of October marks the opening of the fall season at Keeneland!!! If you live in Kentucky, this is a big deal! I missed the entire year's worth of meets for the last two years for obvious reasons, so I was so ready to hit the track and place a few bets and my parents decided to come with us for their first trip ever.

The weather could not have been any more perfect! It was a gorgeous, warm fall day. 

Caroline loved hanging out by the Paddocks watching the horses walk around.

We got to see these guys in their stables waiting for their turns to race.

One of the sweetest men working the gate pointed us to a place where Caroline could feed and pet the horses after the races (they let all the kids do it if you know where to go). He even gave her peppermints to feed them. This chick has no fear. She held her little mit right up to the horse and gave him his peppermints. We had to help her hold her palm open so she wouldn't get nipped when the horse took his peppermint but she just smiled and squealed, loving life.

I asked Juston to take a good picture of me and Caroline with the horse, you know, like one where we were looking at the camera and such. That picture up there is that I got...

After feeding Henny (the horse),  Caroline went right in for a big smooch, completely unprompted. I think she just may end up being a horse girl.

We did the walking tour while we were waiting for the first post time, we ate at the Track Kitchen (highly recommend) and walked around the horse stables where they keep the horses when they're not racing. You can basically go right up to the horses as long as you don't touch them or get them riled up. Caroline loved hearing them whinny. We also did some damage at the Gift Shop.

We stayed for about four races before Caroline passed out. It was such a fun family day, but I have to admit, I enjoy it more baby-free. It's just exhausting for everyone (me) carrying her around, plus her ginormous diaper bag. I could have taken her stroller, but that's just one more thing to tug around and she basically refuses to ride in it, making a huge scene anytime I try to get her to, so I gave that fight up a loooong time ago. I would say that Keeneland is a very kid-friendly place if you go during the week. Saturday and Sunday are fine, too, just usually a lot busier. 

If you ever get the chance and happen to be around Lexington in April or October, it's definitely worth the trip to spend the day at Keeneland. Admission is under $10, you can park for free and tailgate, they have a walking tour, lots of food and adult beverages and it's just an all around great time! It works out especially well if you can time a trip with an evening UK football game.  The perfect Kentucky day (as long as UK is playing a real SEC team haha). 

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