Our First Family Hike

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous so we decided to head to a state park that's a short drive from us and do some hiking and walking around. While it's a far cry from the Red River Gorge type of hiking that we've both loved doing in the past, it was great to get outdoors for a few hours.  Hopefully, when she's old enough, Caroline will love doing these types of things with us.  And if she doesn't, there's always Mamaw and Papa :)

She has a serious infatuation with forcing her Daddy to walk up and down the basement stairs in our house over and over and over again so she was pretty excited to find an outdoor staircase at Blue Licks.

The leaves were a whole new thing for Caroline and she had the biggest time stomping around in them and crunching them up. It's the little things in life I suppose.

We both had to walk the trails hunched over holding both of her hands all afternoon, but we love it. Juston was supposed to bring a hiking pack he got for Caroline to ride in but he forgot it. I highly doubt she would have been happy just riding around anyway. She's a little adventurer, following in her Daddy's footsteps already.

Like I said, absolutely gorgeous day!

Good family photos are pretty hard to come by these days.  I'm hoping to get back into posting more about fitness before too long. I've recently started running and getting back into Crossfit again so I'm hoping to start seeing some results in my body composition soon!

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