A Simple Baby Project

Monday, November 4, 2013

First things first, we had a wonderful Halloween. Our trick-or-treat was postponed to Friday since we had some pretty severe storms roll through on Thursday. It ended up working perfect since Friday's weather was warm and sunny and no one had to get up and go to school the next morning. Caroline was a lion and had a ball walking around my parents and sister's neighborhood with her cousins. 

My little lion with my sister's fisherman, Mike Wazowski and Sophia. 

I stole Caroline's witch hat...any guesses on the family theme yet??

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  One of my favorite books when I was younger and a pretty awesome movie now, too. I can't believe I got my husband to participate in this picture.  You better believe that as soon as everyone snapped their shot, he lost his costume. haha. He doesn't really like to participate in the dressing up portion of Halloween, but he was a good sport for Caroline :)

So on to a simple, cheap little activity for babies. My mom found this idea and started saving her water and milk gallon lids. Lids and an empty diaper wipe container are all you need! Just wash your lids after use and start saving them up until you have quite a few, maybe 10-15. 

Caroline started getting into using this around 11 months I'd say. She wasn't really all that interested in it before then, except as a noisemaker. But how cheap and easy is this?! Thanks Mama :)

Nothing keeps Caroline occupied for very long, but this entertains her as long as anything else does, so you may want to try it out for your little ones too.  They can either shake it around for a noisemaker, or once they get a bit older, dump out the lids and then put them all back in through the slit on the top where the diapers come out. Enjoy!

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