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Monday, December 16, 2013

A few weeks ago, in early November, we hit the road to Savannah, one of my absolute favorite cities to visit. 

As usual, Caroline rolled in in style.

Juston was running the Rock n Roll half marathon with one of our Goddaughters so we spent a long weekend there. The event was massive...I'm talking nearly 20,000 runners descending on the city so navigating around was no simple feat. 

We usually like to stay right in downtown because it just makes the trip so much more simple.  Most of what we like to to is right in downtown, aside from a few restaurants, Tybee Island and Bonaventure Cemetery (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Anyone?), but since the turnout for this race was so impressive, we had to stay a few miles out on Abercorn.  Still a straight shot into the historic district on a normal day.  The morning of the race, you couldn't get near the squares without parking a mile or more away, so that's just what we did. I really wanted to be at the finish line when Juston and Lexi crossed, but he texted to let me know that it was an absolute madhouse and to keep the baby away. I get major anxiety in large groups of people crammed into close quarters. Add the baby to that mix and the stress would have been over the top so we decided to meet up later that afternoon once the crowds thinned out. So Caroline and I waited until most of the half marathoners had crossed the finish line and headed into town. Over an hour later (the drive in was 3 miles) we finally got parked and journeyed the mile and a half to the Lafayette Square.


She just had the best time walking around, picking up sticks, watching the squirrels and dogs. Savannah just has such a laid back vibe. With all it's squares, it quite literally, invites you to sit for a spell and take a load off. 

 I still haven't loaded my photos from the good camera yet, but everywhere you go in Savannah, there are such interesting little details on the homes and shops.

The Eating:
 This is obviously one of the more important parts of most of our vacations, always has been.  Juston and I aren't the type that will just stop at any old fast food restaurant and eat.  We typically pack a lot of food on our trips to minimize eating out on the way to a from so that we can enjoy the nice places while we're in a place like Savannah. My favorites from this trip were The Cotton Exchange and Fiddler's Crab Shack.  Both are pretty popular with the tourists and neither one disappoints.  The Cotton Exchange has the best potato salad I've ever eaten.

 Fiddler's has a very family friendly atmosphere and Caroline was actually really well behaved everyplace we went.  

The flash always gets the best of her haha.

Our last full day there, we just decided we'd mosey around downtown again. We let Caroline run and play in the squares again. Her favorite was watching the horses pull the carriages around town. She's got a mild obsession with horses. 

And how perfect was her little 'Peach' onesie for the trip?!

Every time I make the trip to Savannah or Charleston, I have to visit the Candy Kitchen to bring my dad back his Gophers.  Mom is a fan, too.  I've honestly never tried them because I get so distracted by all the other goodies there are in the shop.  The picture do not even come close to doing it justice. The make taffy and will toss pieces to people watching and they have every type of chocolate confections you could imagine. 

Another fun find on this trip was Sweet Carolina Cupcakes just across from The Lady and Sons on Congress street.  Would you judge me if I told you I went there twice in two days.  No regrets! 

And another must for me while in Savannah is Forsyth Park.  If you're a huge Paula Deen lover like me, then you recognize this fountain from the opening credits of her cooking show. It's such a beautiful park and you just always see something interesting there whether it's videos being shot, artists drawing, monstrous dogs being walked.  Just a great people watching spot.  

And speaking of Paula Deen, we delayed our trip home by a few hours when I found our that she was having a book signing at Uncle Bubba's Oyster House just a few minutes from downtown Savannah.  Meeting Paula has been on my Bucket List for years now. I couldn't pass us the chance.

So after five hours of waiting and making new friends in line, I finally got to meet Paula, Bobby and Uncle Bubba! She was even more beautiful in person and just so sweet and humble. She took the time to talk with every single person in the line and was just even better than I'd imagined.  And while waiting in line, Caroline made a new friend of her own...Miss Paula's dog, Gus!

It was the cutest thing! She was really starting to get antsy at the time we were finally getting to the front of the line. Just fussing and tired of being held and just bored in general I'm sure. Well Gus walked right up to her and started licking her and just loving on her and she was happy as a little clam again. Gus was a life-saver! And too cute for words! 

This was definitely a trip that I will never forget! 

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