12 Week Challenge~ Week 3

Monday, January 20, 2014

Week three has come and gone and while I didn't get as many workouts completed as I intended, I still managed to get a workout in most days. Ideally, a chest and tricep day would have been completed this week as well, but between having company spend the weekend and out of town friends coming in that we wanted to spend some time with, I didn't get a workout in Friday or Saturday. And unfortunately, I didn't get any runs in this week since it's been cold and snowy. Ugh...go away winter, no one likes you! Anyway, starting week four tomorrow and along with it, setting my own weekly goals in writing in my workout journal.

I'm including the amount of weights that I used, but if you want to follow along with the workout, adjust your weight accordingly so that your last few reps are challenging, but you can complete them with proper form.

Day 1~

Single Leg Deadlift   3x12 each leg 15# dbs
Kneeling Lean Backs for Quads   3x15 10# db
          Kneeling Kickbacks 3x12 each leg  15# db
          Bridge Ups   3x15  15# db on hips
Single Leg Deep Squats off a chair 3x10 each leg NW
Seated Leg Extension   3x12  15# db
          Jump Squats   4x10  NW
          Jump Lunges   4x10  NW

Day 2~
Shoulders and Abs

Shoulder Press   3x12  15# bds
Weighted Crunches   3x15   10# db
          Lateral Raise   3x12   15# dbs
          Weighted Reverse Crunch (hips to ceiling) 3x12  10#db between feet
Front Raises   3x15   15#dbs
Oblique Twists   3x20 NW
          Upright Rows   3x12   15# dbs
          Sit-Ups   3x15 NW
Downward Dog Push-ups   3x12 NW
Plank Hold 3x20 seconds  NW

Day 3~
Back and Biceps

Push-up w/ hands on dumbbells w/ Row   3x12   15# dbs
Hammer Curls   3x12   15# dbs
          Single Arm Row   3x15 each arm   15# db
          Bicep Curls   3x12   15# dbs
Bent Over Reverse Flyes   3x12   10# dbs
Superman Lifts   3x15   NW
          Wide arm Bent Over Reverse Flyes   3x12   10# dbs
Concentration Curls   3x10 each arm  15# db

Day 4~
Legs and Abs

Right Leg Lunge   3x12   15# dbs
Left Leg Lunge 3x12   15# dbs
          Squats 3x15   15# dbs
          Lying Hamstring Curl w/ dumbbell 3x15   15# db
Leg Extension   3x12   15# db
Deadlift   3x12   15# db
Side Plank 20 seconds each side  NW
Side Reaches to ankles lying on back.  20 reps, 10 each side  NW
Standing Side Bends  8 each side   15# dbs
Oblique Twists  20 reps, 10 each side  NW
Plank Hold with Hip Twist   NW

Do each ab exercise once before moving to the next, then repeat entire circuit three times total.

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