12 Week Challenge~ Week 4 Workouts

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just a friendly reminder...

I can't believe I'm already four weeks down in my first 12 week challenge. I was able to check off 4 of the 5 weekly goals I'd set for myself this week. I fell short on the whole skipping sweets thing. I'm weak, what can I say. But I didn't let that derail me for the long haul.  I had my Cadbury Egg and I regret nothing. But I did workout on my rest day to make up for it! Here are the workouts for week 4.

Day 1~
Chest and Back
Pushups w/ Row 15# dbs 3x12 (6 each arm) You start in pushup position w. hands on dumbbells
Superman Hold NW 3x 20 seconds

Chest Flyes 15# dbs 3x15
Wide Grip Reverse Flyes 10#dbs 3x15

Bent Over Rows 15# dbs 3x15
Bench Press Lying on back 25# dbs 3x12

Chest Pullover 15# db 3x12
Bent Over Reverse Flyes 10# dbs 3x15
Pushups to failure NW 3X

Day 2~
Biceps, Triceps and Abs (Lower)
Tricep Dips off chair NW 3x15
Concentration Curl Seated 15#db 3x10
Weighted tuck-ins seated on chair (DB goes between your feet, lean back and tuck knees to chest

Tricep Extension 15# db 3x12
Half Curls (start at 90 degrees, curl to top, return to 90 degrees) 15# 3x12
Weighted Reverse Crunch 10# db 3x15

Skull Crushers 15#db 3x12
Rotating Bicep Curls 10# dbs 3x12
Pike-ups NW 3x12

Tricep Kickbacks 10#dbs 
Hammer Curl 10 # dbs

Day 3~
Circuit/ Total Body Conditioning

Upright Row 15# dbs 3x12
Sumo Squat 25#db 3x15
Sit Ups NW 3x15

Wide Stance Pushups NW 3x12
Single Leg Deadlift 10#dbs 3x10 each leg
Superman Lifts NW 3x15

Reverse Flyes 10#dbs 3x12
Lean Backs for Quads 10#db 3x12
Plank hold NW 3x20 seconds

Day 4~
Overhead Squats 15# dbs 3x12
Single Leg Lunge 10# dbs 3x10 each leg

Sumo Deadlift 15# dbs 3x12
Kneeling Kickbacks 25# db 3x12 each leg

Single Leg Squat on chair NW 3x12
Walking Lunge 10# medicine ball overhead 3x12

Step Ups on chair NW 3x10 each leg
Wall Sit w/ 10 # medicine ball 3x 30 seconds
Calf Raise 15# dbs 3x12

Day 5~
Shoulders and Abs
Upright Row to Press 15# dbs 3x12
Side V-ups NW 3x10 each side

Lateral Raise 10# dbs 3x12
Weighted Crunch 15# db 3x15

Front Raise 10# dbs 3x12
Plank with Leg lifts 3x10 each leg

Downward Dog Pushups NW 3x10
Stability Ball rollouts NW 3x12

Day 6~
Circuit/ TBC
Chest Press 25# db 3x12
Alternating Front Lunges 10# dbs 3x10 each leg
Hammer Curl 10# dbs 3x12

Bent Over Row 15# dbs 3x12
Front Squat 15# dbs 3x12
Tricep Kickbacks 10#dbs 3x12

Lying Side Arm Raise 10# db 3x10 each arm
Single Leg Lying Bridge Up 10# db 3x12
Straight Leg Crunches NW 3x12

Day 7~

Run 1 Mile
Pure Barre


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    1. Thank you! I'm going to start linking the exercises to videos form now on for people who are visual learners like me and want to follow along :)