12 Week Challenge Workouts~ Week 2

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Two weeks in to my 12 week challenge now! I've mostly been doing my weight workouts at night after I put Caroline to bed and my runs in the late afternoons when my parents or sister can keep Caroline for a little bit. I'm adding in yoga this week as well! Here's my workouts from this past week. As always, feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions and want to follow along. I'll be checking my stats at the end of this week to see if I've progressed and if so, how much.

Day 1~
Chest and Triceps
Chest Flyes (Flat on back)15# dbs 3x12
Tricep Dips NW 3x15
          Chest Pullovers 15#db 3x12
          Skull Crushers 15# db 3x12
Pushups NW 3x12
Tricep Kickbacks 10# db 3x12
          Standing Chest Flyes 15# dbs 3x12
Closed grip pushups NW 3x12

Day 2
Legs and Abs
Squat Jumps NW 3/12
Single Leg Squats w/ 10# medicine ball 3x10 each leg
        Jump lunges NW 3x16
        Single leg lunge w/ 10# medicine ball 3x10 each leg
Step ups on chair NW 3x10 each leg
Plank Hold NW 3x20 seconds
          Wide Stance Deadlift 15#dbs 3x12
          Rollouts on Exercise ball (start in pushup position w feet on ball, tuck in) NW 3x12

Day 3
Back and Biceps
Bent Over Reverse Flyes 15#dbs 3x12
Bicep Pulses 10#dbs 3x12
          Single Arm Row 15#db 3x12 each arm
          Rotating Bicep Curls 10#dbs 3x12
Wide Arm Rows 15#dbs 3x12
Hammer Curls 15#dbs 3x12
          Superman Lifts NW 3x15
          Pushups NW 3x15

Day 4
Shoulders and Abs
Downward Dog Pushups NW 3x12
Reverse Plank NW 3x20 seconds
          Arnold Presses 15# dbs 3x12
          V-Ups NW 3x12
Front Raises 15#dbs 3x12
Side (lateral) Raises 10# dbs 3x12
          Side Planks NW 3x20 seconds each side
          Upright Rows 15#dbs 3x12

I also ran three days, approximately 1.5 miles each time. I'm hoping to start upping my mileage in the coming weeks considerable until I'm getting in 10-15 miles a week running at least 3 miles each day I can, usually 3-4 days a week. I'm also teaching a Strength and Stretch class one day a week and hoping to add some rowing workouts in starting this week as well! Rowing is my all time favorite cardio workout. Now it's time to plan my workouts for this week!

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