Seventeen Months

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It occurred to me that it has been a few months since I posted a monthly update for Caroline. I got lazy over the holiday season, I guess, but I want to start doing it again so I can remember and I'm more apt to do this than write in the baby book, (sorry Mom!).  

Caroline absolutely LOVES being outside for any reason. This is sort of tricky right now since it's pretty cold here, but any day we get that's sunny and on the warm side, she's out the door. Running up and down the subdivision road on the side of the house is a favorite (there's rarely ever any traffic besides 4- wheelers). Swinging (hing) and playing in rocks are some other preferred outdoor activities. "Hepping" is something she's into all the time. She loves to help do anything and everything that we are doing, and while at times all the help can make things a bit more challenging, I try to embrace it and let her do what she can, when she can to help her learn. In turn, she's helping me learn so much about patience and love.

Caroline and Dixie have a love/ hate relationship. Caroline loves Dixie, Dixie loathes Caroline. Dixie will be chewing away on a toy, minding her own business when in swoops the little chew toy thief and off she goes with Dixie's toy. They're doing marginally better, but Caroline only knows how to be rough right now, so we just try to keep them separated as best we can.

Caroline is also in love with the little table and chair at Mamaw and Papa's house. She sits here every day we go down and either eats her lunch here, or just climbs around to make me nervous. 

She is also very proficient at making the goofiest faces you've ever seen. Our current favorite is the bulldog, underbite face pictured above. Oh, and cheese...she can't get enough cheese. 

Also on the favorite list would be the interludes between Disney Junior shows. She likes these better than the actual shows most of the time, unless it's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Little Einsteins. She does the pat, pat, pat, blastoff like a pro! Messing up the house is high on the talent list. 

She is also currently obsessed with getting the iPad, swiping the screen to unlock it and playing this game called Animals and Babies that makes different noises. Her cousin Jayden got her hooked.

Books, or boops as they're known in our house are heavy in the rotation as well. Her favorites are books with flaps that she can rip off. 

Currently, she's working on cutting four K9 teeth which has been a real treat. All things considered, she's been really well behaved. Constantly gnawing on a finger or chewing on a paci though, even though she doesn't take a pacifier. Her other big symptom has been not eating as much as she usually would for the last week or so. She has also been known to chew on a dog toy or two :S I feel like teething started at 6 months and hasn't really stopped since.

Currently wearing a size 3 diaper, 9 month onesies, 12 month or 12-18 month pants and shirts mostly and size 3.5 shoe depending on the brand. Tipping the scales at 20 pounds. Not sure on height...tall enough to climb on the couch and into our bay window unassisted.

Favorite foods are eggs, toast, pancakes, cheese, raisins, especially yogurt covered raisins, turkey, vanilla yogurt, ham, applesauce (cinnamon), pizza, risotto, creamed spinach, macaroni (roni), sweet potato fries, green beans and carrots.

The epitome of a Momma's girl. If I'm in the room, she's attached to my hip. If I'm not in the room, she's searching and calling for me. 

Hate being told 'no' or having to wait more than .05 seconds for what she's wanting. Sort of entering a tantrum phase, but it could be worse. They're usually short lived.

Still not a real fan of the car seat, but Bubble Guppies can subdue her for short trips. Also, she hates being bundled up for this cold weather. Usually, the mittens, blanket and toboggan end up thrown in the floor along with her shoes and socks by the times we make the 5 minutes trip to my parents or the store. 

Gives THE BEST hugs but is stingy with her kisses now after giving them out so freely for months. 
Pee-Pie is her favorite game after tickling.

Caroline Leeann you have rocked my world and showed me who's really the boss in the Pate house (hint: it's not me), but you are really starting to come into your own adorable, feisty little personality and I am so blessed to get to teach and lead you along this journey called life. I expect that in the end, you'll end up teaching me a whole lot more than I will you. 

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