Workouts for the Week

Sunday, January 5, 2014

As promised, my workouts from the last week...

Just a few things to note if you want to do any of these yourself. 
First my abbreviations,
# = Pounds
dbs= dumbbells.  If I just abbreviate with db, then I'm only using one dumbbell
NW= No weight, or just using the weight of your body for resistance.  
3x12= These numbers will change according to the exercise, but it show my number of sets first X my number of repetitions, or reps, per set. 
Eventually, I'd like to post pictures that I think anyone wanting to follow along with the workouts may find useful, but in the meantime, you can youtube or Google just about everything and find a proper demonstration. You will notice most workouts have two exercises grouped together at a time. This is because I superset them.  All a superset means is that I don't rest in between the two exercises. They are working two different muscle groups, therefore one muscle is resting while I'm working the other. It's a more efficient way to burn calories while working out

And second, my background. I am a certified personal trainer, ACE and NCSM, as well as a certified Group Exercise instructor, so I promise I'm credible to share my workouts :) I've also competed in a few NRP Figure shows a number of years back. Most any of what I will post for exercises is suitable for any fitness level, you can simply adjust the weight or number of reps accordingly.  Your last few reps should be challenging, but can be executed with proper form to ensure your safety from injury.

Day 1~
Push-ups 3x12
Tricep Kickbacks 3x12 15# dbs
        Chest Flyes 3x12 15#dbs
         Tricep Extension 3x12 db
Chest Press 3x12 25#dbs
Tricep Dips 3x12 NW
          Serves 3x12 10# dbs

Day 2~
Legs and Shoulders
Front Squats on BOSU BALL 3x12 25# dbs
Calf Raises 3x15 25# dbs
          Deadlifts 3x12 15# dbs
          Upright Row to Overhead Press 3x12 15# dbs
Walking Lunge with 10# Medicine ball overhead 3x16
Straight Up Ball Tosses w/ squat 3x12 10# medicine ball
          Bridge Up w/ Feet on BOSU BALL 3x15 10#db on hips
          Lateral Delt Raise 3x12 10# dbs

Run 1 mile

Day 3~
Back and Biceps
Bent Over Dumbbell Row 3x12 15# dbs
Hammer Curl 3x12 15# dbs
          Bent Over Delt Raise 3x15 10# dbs
          Swing Curls 3x12 10# dbs
Superman Lifts 3x15 NW
Concentration Curl 3x10 15#db

Run 1 Mile

Day 4~
Legs and Abs
Burpees 3x12 NW
Tuckups 3x12 NW
          Squats 3x12 15#dbs
          Hollow Body Hold 3x20 seconds NW
Jump Lunges 3x16 NW
Plank Hold 3x30 seconds
          Sumo Squat 3x12 15#dbs
          Standing Side Bends 15# db

Pure Barre DVD

Day 5~
3 Rounds for time Edited to add 10 reps of each exercise per round
Shoulder Press 15#dbs
Right Leg Lunge 15#dbs
Push ups NW
Left Leg Lunge 15#dbs
Bicep Curls 15# dbs
Squats 15#dbs
Tricep Dips NW
Kneeling Glute Kickbacks 15#db
Pulse Squats 15# dbs
Supermans NW
Deadlifts 15# dbs
Weighted Sit ups 15# db
Hip lifts or Heels to Ceiling NW
Oblique Twists NW
V Ups NW
Hamstring Curls 10# medicine ball
Wall Sit NW
Plank Hold NW 
Jump Lunges NW

Day 6~

Run 1.5 miles

I hope anyone wanting to incorporate fitness and overall well being into their goals for the New Year will find this helpful. Don't hesitate to e-mail or comment if you have any questions about a specific exercise or form. Now I'm off to plan my meals and workouts for the coming week. We're supposed to have record-setting sub-zero temperatures here in Kentucky. I am not excited about it in the least. I freeze in anything under sixty. 

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