12 Week Challenge~ Week 5

Sunday, February 2, 2014

This week was a struggle for me, both as far as workout and diet go. Juston was out of town a few days and I wasn't able to work out nearly as much as I have been or wanted to and I have already noticed a drop in my energy level and just overall feeling of wellness. I also ate like a beast so there's that. I think my biggest problem was my lack of Sunday planning for the week ahead. I didn't plan my meals or my workouts in advance and it really came back to bite me in the rear. But, week 6 is a new week and I've already got my plans made for the week in an attempt to undue some of the damage I did this past week. I'm also going to start linking my exercises to Youtube videos of the exercise for anyone who is unsure how to translate some of my made-up names or shorthand. If you're like me, I learn more from watching than reading anyway, so if you're following along and you're lost on how to perform a certain move, you can click on it and find a video link example.
Here were my workouts from this past week:

Day 1~Legs and Abs

Day 2~ Cardio
20 minutes elliptical

Day 3~ Cardio
20 minutes elliptical

Day 4~ Chest and Triceps
Pushups NW 3x12

Day 5~ Cardio
20 minute Run

Day 6~ Shoulders, Back and Biceps
Lat Pulldown

Swing Curls
Heavy Quarter Raise
Superman Holds

I only hit two out of my four weekly goals this week, which is kind of a downer, but like I said, it was a result of poor planning on my part. So now its on to a new week, new goals and making better choices. Bring it on week 6!

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  1. Isn't it crazy how much lack of planning effects things? It has taken me 26 years to learn that and somedays I still forget ha! I feel your pain. I started doing monthly menu planning and that has helped me stay on a schedule. I kept a few "free" days to account for spontaneous pizza nights or when family cooks for us. Good luck with week 6-you got this!