Displaying our favorite newborn dresses

Friday, February 28, 2014

The very first time I cleaned out Caroline's closet and drawers of clothes that she had outgrown, it obviously made me sad to be doing it to begin with, but I really couldn't stand the thought of packing away some of her itty bitty little newborn dresses, mostly because she had only worn them once or twice and they were too pretty to be stuffed in some box in the garage. And to be honest, expensive newborn dresses are basically the biggest waste of money, at least if she can't wear them anymore, I can still look at them.  So I decided I would hang them up in her room.

I remembered seeing an Instagram account I follow advertising for these really cute sequin hangers so I checked out the Pearls and Pastries etsy shop, and they came in children's sizes, too. I got the first one I ordered during a sale the shop was running for $13. It may seem expensive, but since I was using it more for decoration instead of hanging it up inside a closet, I thought it was worth it. I'd spent that on picture frames or anything else for the room. 

I ended up really loving the look of the first one, so I ordered two more for some other dresses I didn't want to box up, another silver and a pink to match the colors of Caroline's room. I think they regularly run $16 apiece, but if you follow Pearls and Pastries on Instagram, she'll periodically run them on sale and you can get them cheaper, which is when I ordered mine.

I feel like these sequin hangers could be a pretty simple, albeit time-consuming DIY project. The time consuming part was enough to convince me that I'd rather just buy them from someone else, and I like to tell myself I'm supporting small business that way ;) Always doing my part for the economy over here!

I also love that I can keep her Baptism gown out where we see it every day. It's a great little reminder. And seeing her tiny newborn dresses are a bittersweet reminder of just how quickly this journey is passing us by. I got her Baptism gown from Etsy, the little pale pink dress from Oopsie Daisies in Mt. Sterling, KY is the first church dress I bought her and the white smocked dress from Kids on King in Charleston, SC was her first thing from our favorite city. They all had a special meaning so these were the ones I wanted to hang up.
I think one day, when I start to think about converting Caroline's room to a toddler/ big girl room that I may get her baptism gown shadowboxed for safer keeping, but for now, I love it in this little corner of her room.

The hangers come in lots of colors and sizes. These pictures are from the shop's Etsy page but they give you a better idea of the quality. A photographer I am not. If you're in the market for something like this, I'd recommend these. 

Not much on tap for the weekend over here. Our goddaughter is bringing some friends in with her Saturday so Caroline is sure to be putting on a show for them. She's such a little ham these days anytime she has an audience. Some cleaning, working out and church time round out the rest of the weekend. We get wild in the Pate house, what can I say? Hope everyone has a great weekend and also hope that the 4-6 inches of snow we're forecast to get Sunday stays far, far away from us.  I need spring in my life and Caroline and our dogs are beyond ready to get out of this house and play outside. 

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