My Big 18 Month Old

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Much like everything else I do, I'm a little behind on posting this, but Caroline is officially a year and a half old as of last Friday (February 7). It seems so strange that it's gone by so quickly, but it's also strange because in a sense I don't really remember what our life was like before we had her. 

She has absolutely turned into the most hilarious, goofy, loving, sassy little girl and I love it! I'm not going to lie, she was such a tough baby, but this stage definitely makes up for the early months. She refuses to sit in a high chair to eat, ever. She has to sit in her chair at the head of the table for every single meal. Speaking of chairs, she has to climb every one she comes across and generally, mid-meal, she decides she wants to sit in mine or Juston's chairs. So she'll climb down from hers, march over to one of us and start pushing on us. If we don't respond, she'll start saying "Cue Me, (excuse me)" and push harder until you move. And yes, I realize giving her my chair is probably silly, but if I've learned anything in the last 18 months, it's that I will have to pick my battles with my strong-willed little chick.

She absolutely loves to bring you her 'bups' to read to her. But you can't read words, she just wants to know the noises of whatever is in the pictures. Each book will last about 30 seconds before she's on to the next. My child can not sit still for any extended period of time. 

While she's still not happy about riding in her car seat, the Bubble Guppies and loving on her baby dolls can usually get us through. Bubble Guppies are her jam and I can't lie, those little mermaids can harmonize with the best of them. The songs are just so catchy, no wonder she loves them!

We have a little gymnast on our hands, too which makes me happy since tumbling has been a part of my life since age three. She's got a pretty rocking straddle sit and a mean front roll. I'll be enrolling her in classes at the end of the summer once she's old enough. She's going to go to the gym where I trained for almost a decade.

We finally have enough hair to hold a big ole bow in place on top of her head, which she's usually pretty quick to yank out. 

Caroline loves blocks, climbing anything and everything, putting other people's shoes on, throwing away her diapers after she's been changed, helping do anything, especially cooking, reading, playing with her cousins, harassing our poor dogs, sliding things under the door of Daddy's bathroom when he's in there, running around in just her diaper, being rough as a cob, dancing to any song on the Disney Channel and just exploring everything around her. She has such an inquisitive and persistent nature about her which I just love. She has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger and she sure knows it. She may have her Mama wrapped as well.  

She's a pretty adventuresome eater and will try two bites of anything before she decides whether she likes it or not.  If she likes something, the third bite will be a keeper, if not, the third bite gets spit back out. The other day, she ate two bites of steamed kale like a champ...third bite...disgust. She also has a sweet tooth like her Mama, probably from all the sweet treats I had while pregnant and nursing her. I always joke with my husband that my breastmilk is probably chocolate flavored.
Her favorite foods are sweet potato fries, green beans, baked beans, corn on the cob, creamed spinach, apples, CHEESE, roni (macaroni), pork, spaghetti, rice/ risotto, yogurt, wheat pizza, toast, eggs, breakfast bake, turkey and any kind of pasta. Like I said, she'll eat basically anything so these are just some of the ones we keep on repeat. 

Just this past week, her top two K9's came through and the bottom ones don't look to be too far behind. This past week was also a big one in that she napped laying on the couch TWICE because I had to leave for work before she'd napped. I still hold her everyday while she naps and basically always have.  

She got two shots at her check up and didn't even cry. I was shocked and I think the nurse was as well. Such a tough girl we've got. Tough as a pine knot. She weighed 22.5 pounds and was 32" long. She was 50 percentile on everything and confirmed to be "perfect" by her pediatrician. We'd suspected as much, but it's always nice to have a professional opinion. She still nurses, but loves juice and water in her sippy cups. She'll drink milk if I'm not around, but to this day refuses to drink any of the HUNDREDS of ounces of breastmilk I pumped for her. I guess I'm going to have to throw it out since it's past the allotted time when you can donate it. I think I'll have to have Juston do it for me.  It'll make me cry to just dump it all after all the work I put into pumping it but I don't know of anything else to do with it all at this point. 
Her bed time is 8:30-9:00 and she takes one nap a day, anywhere from an hour to two hours. Wake-up call can be anytime from 6:30-7:45 and once she wakes up in her crib of a morning, Juston brings her to me and she'll nurse and cuddle for about an hour usually. It's one of my favorite times of the day. She'll always pop up when she's finished, give me the biggest grin and say "mornin'", then kiss my nose. It's the sweetest thing. The days are just flying by us but we're trying our best to soak it all in.  Babies don't keep after all. 

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