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Monday, February 17, 2014

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend. Ours actually ended up being a lot more eventful that most weekends around here. Caroline had shots and a well visit Friday morning and did great with everything. Thanks to my parents, Juston and I got a rare date night out Friday and went to a local restaurant for a great dinner.  We're the type who really prefer cooking ourselves and staying in, but going out and letting someone else cook and especially clean up has so much more appeal these days.

We got MORE SNOW. I'm beyond over it at this point, but Mother Nature didn't ask me and neither did the Good Lord so we just have to deal with it. It started snowing Friday evening. All the local schools even dismissed early, but it didn't end up starting until about 5:30. When we got up Saturday morning, there was a good 6-7 inches on the ground, by far our biggest snowfall of the season.

Lucy, our rescue pup, has never been a very playful dog, but she will just romp and roll when there's snow on the ground. It's so cute to actually see her act like a puppy since she's been so timid ever since we adopted her. 

Why yes, Dixie does have a snuggie. One of our nieces got her a Snuggie for Christmas and this dog absolutely LOVES it! To spite their amicable appearance in the picture, Dixie hates Caroline. I can't say that I really blame her. 

I've not really let Caroline out to play in the snow all winter, but I did at least get out long enough to snap a picture. She loves to look at it from inside the warm house. My kind of girl right there. 

Saturday afternoon, Juston and I headed off to Lexington to do some antique furniture shopping. My parents and my sister and her family kept Caroline for us again. They live next door to one another so she just sort of bounces back and forth depending on where my sister's kids are hanging out. 

I've had this mahogany buffet pictured in my mind for years now as the piece I wanted to go in our foyer but I'd never actually looked for one until here recently. It was almost like it was meant to be when the Athens Schoolhouse Antiques posted this on their website last week. I knew as soon as I saw it that it was exactly what I'd been wanting so I called and let them know we'd be coming to get it over the weekend and they held it for us. I absolutely love antique furniture and old homes and just history in general. I feel like antiques and old homes like the ones I grew up in are a living link to days gone by. They just have a story to them and I love that character. 

Turns out that the buffet had a matching server that was just as beautiful. I had no intentions of getting both pieces when I initially enquired about the buffet, but for some reason, it seemed a shame to separate the pieces when they were a matching set, so they both came home with us. I honestly don't have a place for the server yet so it's sitting in the middle of our living room at the moment, but I have a few ideas that might work out. 

If you're ever around Lexington on a show weekend, I'd recommend a trip to the Athens Schoolhouse. They have a huge variety of real quality pieces. Even if you're not in the market to buy, it's so fun to just mill around places like this. At least for me. Juston probably not so much but he was a great sport. I found some really pretty chandeliers too since I eventually want to replace the builder's grade one in the foyer with something that has a bit more character. 

I seriously regret not bringing the piece pictured above home with us.  The photo does not do it justice, it was absolutely gorgeous in person. It wouldn't have fit in the car with us anyway, but if it's there the next time I go back, it just may have to come home with me! Each of those mirrors is actually a door with storage behind it and the marble top and finish were flawless. I just got sad all over again that I didn't get it! Ha.

For people who don't really eat out much, we ended up doing it twice in less than 24 hours. After we were through antiquing, we stopped at Old Chicago for a late lunch, ran a few more errands and headed home to get our baby. 

Sunday, we went to Northern Kentucky to have Caroline's 18 month pictures done. We were supposed to go last weekend, but big surprise, the snow ruined our plans. I'm telling you, this has been the coldest, snowiest, longest winter I can remember. We actually got a "surprise inch and a half overnight into Sunday morning. We were supposed to get a dusting but it left more like an inch behind.  Go away winter. 
Aside from being a wild woman and rearranging photo prop chairs a few times, Caroline did really good for Kacy, whose done Caroline's photos since she was a newborn and I think we got some really cute ones!  She just loved Kacy. She kept running over and sitting in her lap while she was trying to take pictures. By her last outfit change, she was over it though and kept asking for "night-night", her nap. She told Miss Kacy 'thank you', gave her a hug and was out like a light within five minutes of being in the car.

She ended up sleeping almost the whole way home, which is just over an hour and woke up in the best mood. 

It was a wild weekend by our old married people standards but we had a great time with everything. It wasn't the kind of busy, running around that I tend to dread, but instead it was mainly fun, bonding type of things. Juston and I haven't had that much couple time in about 18 months ;)  Hope everyone had a great weekend. Happy Monday!

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  1. Wow y'all really did get the snow!! It missed us this time. Looks like we're getting a warmup this weekend so maybe it will be gone soon. LOVE your dress in the last picture! Glad you had a wonderful weekend of wining and dining and antiquing :)