20 Months

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This (mostly) sweet chick turned TWENTY months old last Monday! Why does saying twenty months, first off sound a lot sillier than nineteen months and second, sound SO MUCH OLDER than nineteen months? 

A few of Caroline's favorites:

Giving her Papa hugs and reading or coloring with her Mamaw.

Going to the store, even though she wants to push the cart instead of ride, and loving on her babies.

Making ridiculous faces when I try to take her picture.

Dancing on the table (should I worry about that one?) and going to the park to play.

Falling in the floor to pitch a hissy fit when she's told 'No'.

Visiting Daddy at work and being 'side' (outside).

Kicking back to watch Bubble Guppies and playing with blocks, which she loves to punt across the room as soon as you've built anything.

Loving on our pups, Hehe (Lucy) and Diddy (Dixie), both of whom just barely tolerate the newest addition to the pack. 

And of course giving me "The Lip" anytime she's in trouble for something. 

Stats: 22.8 pounds, 32 inches tall, size 18-24 month or 2T clothes, size 4.5 shoe. 

Foods: Macaroni, apple slices, yogurt, spaghetti or really any pasta, pizza, turkey and ham, goulash, breakfast bake, turkey bacon, bananas, watermelon, rice, salmon croquettes, fish sticks, baked chicken, peanuts, vanilaa wafers, and the list goes on. She'll pretty well eat anything we're having. She'll try anything twice and then decide whether she really likes it on her third bite. 

Sleep: She sleeps pretty consistently nowadays. Bedtime is around 9-9:30 since the time change and she'll get up for the day anytime between 6:30 and 8:00. Naps can happen anytime between noon and 3:00 depending on what time she gets up. I still usually hold her the whole time since she sleeps best that way, about two hours most days, but I can lay her down on the days I have to leave for work. 

Play: Her favorite thing in the world to do is to be outside doing just about anything. Blowing bubbles, digging with her shovel, watering my flowers, taking a walk, exploring with woods across from our house with her Daddy, picking out the coolest rocks from the landscaping. I've bought a few of those yard decoration animals and she absolutely loves them. They're sort of on the fence between kitchy and tacky for me, but she loves them, so I put a few out. Inside, she loves to build blocks, play in her ball pit, go down her slide, sneak up and scare people, steal your seat as soon as you get up, climb the furniture, run laps hollering and just generally be in constant motion. Girl can't sit still!

Speech: There's not a whole lot she won't at least try to repeat, especially the words she probably shouldn't.  She's just recently started putting two or three words together, especially when repeating after someone. Everything she says is pretty cute, but my favorites are when she says 'hurwee' and 'mon' (hurry and Come on). 

There are days my patience is so very thin, but even then I know how lucky we are to have a happy, healthy little girl. There are days that I'm pretty convinced I'm probably one of the most ridiculous parents ever, but I know she's turning out great to spite that. There are days I'm convinced I need a week's vacation away from anyone and anything else, but I know these days will be gone in a blink and I'll be wishing for this chaos. So in the meantime, I'm trying to enjoy it all when I can and just soak it in. These are the days. 

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