Alabama April Showers

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April is typically a busy month for us, kicking off our spring traveling and just general season of busyness. After a LONG, COLD winter that just didn't want to go away, we were ready to cure our cabin fever and get the heck out of the house. We planned a road trip to stay with some very dear friends in Alabama a few weeks ago and it was just the ticket.
To spite her happy appearance above, Caroline was kind of terrible on the ride down to Alabama. And it poured the entire drive down. I mean POURED. I've not seen it rain in sheets like that in a very long time, so maybe she just sensed our stress over the weather. Or maybe she's just kinda rotten. I get anxiety, especially when traveling, since we've had her, or maybe I just have no patience. Either way, the drive down about did me in.
We made it a two day drive down, just to give her and ourselves a break, staying in Cullman, Alabama the first night. We stopped in Gadsden, a cute little southern town for lunch and shopping before driving another three hours and finally reaching our destination Friday. And let me tell you, this little slice of Heaven on Earth and two of the sweetest people I've ever known were just what we needed.

Saturday ended up being a beautiful, warm day so we spent most of it outside on the farm at Mimi and PauPau's. Our sweet Goddaughter, Lexi, who goes to Auburn, brought her boyfriend down and they spent the day with all of us. It was just perfect. I went fishing for the first time, which is sort of ironic considering my husband goes all the time but I've never once thought to try it. I really enjoyed it and Juston may have himself a new fishing buddy :)

I even managed to catch a bass my first time out! I was such a girl and freaked out the first time I got a bite, almost dropping my rod, but I recovered nicely. Caroline's favorite activities were riding around the farm on the mule with PauPau to see the cows up close, especially all the new little calves, feeding the horse apples and playing in the rocks. I don't know that she spent more than a few minutes inside Saturday.
Sunday was another story entirely since it poured the rain all. day. long. We got over five inches between 2 am and 5 pm. Being inside made for a crabby little girl again. We attribute her rotten little moods to her teething, she has one K9 left to come in, but I'm starting to fear that it may actually be her personality haha. I don't know what we'll blame the fits on when all of her teeth are through.
Monday morning came way too soon, and brought more torrential rain and thunderstorms with it, but we were making the whole drive home in one day, so we had to hit the road. We had a few pit stops in mind for the ride home to give us a chance to do some our favorite things and stretch our legs every few hours. Our first stop was visiting the Auburn campus. It's on our bucket list to visit every SEC school campus and attend a football game at every one, too. So far, we've been to Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama and now Auburn. I have to say, Auburn may have been the most beautiful one we've seen yet, but they're all so stately and picturesque, it's hard to pick a clear favorite.

First stop, Toomer's Drug Store, where I got a lemonade and Juston got banana pudding ice cream, both of which were out of this world awesome. I'm so sad that we didn't make it to Auburn before they took down The Trees. We bought Caroline a copy of The Spirit Tree which is such a cute book!
 It was pretty sad to see the big empty, fenced in space where the trees used to sit and we don't even have a connection to Auburn other than our Goddaughter going there. I can only imagine how the alumni and Auburn fans must feel.

I think, to spite my efforts to make a Georgia fan, we may have a future Auburn Tiger on our hands (GO DAWGS).

Had to cruise by Jordan-Hare while we were there.
Next stop...The Varsity in Marietta, Georgia. It's always a must stop for me anytime we're headed north or south on I-75.

I know it may not look like anything special, but it is. At least I think it is.
I really wasn't looking forward to the trip home for a few reasons, mostly worried about how Miss Sassy Pants would act, but I have to say, Caroline really impressed me on the trip home. She really only got fussy the last hour or so, and that was mostly because I finally got to drive and her daddy was in the back with her instead. That just didn't suit.
We had the greatest time while we were in Alabama and are so lucky to have the amazing people to love on that we do. I'm already excited for our trip back in the fall for an Auburn game if our plans come together.

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