Easter Dress Picks

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I can't believe Easter is just a week away.  We celebrated Palm Sunday today, which also marks one year since Caroline's baptism in our church. Church with her these days can be a real struggle, but she did well this morning. No Cheerios went sailing over the balcony, so I was proud.
Easter has always been on of my favorite holidays for obvious reasons, but also because it has just always felt like such a time of spiritual renewal and rebirth. It's also a great reason to have family out, do Easter egg hunts and enjoy a great meal together. I have always loved the dressing to the nines part of Easter as well. I remember growing up, going to the mall in Lexington to pick out Easter dresses weeks in advance was always so exciting. I just got Caroline's dress in the mail this week and I'm so in love with it. I saw it in a store we stopped in while we were in Gadsden, Alabama last week. I didn't get it while we were there and of course, regretted it, so I called a few days later and ordered it. I already have one that matches it perfectly :) One day, she'll say no to matching outfits, but this Easter will not be that day.
If you're like me and tend to procrastinate things, I found a few dresses that would be perfect for Easter, topped with a big, flashy hat :) If you click on the picture, it will take you to the website where you can find them.

And for the little chicks. I always love smocked dresses in pastel colors for Easter, but I just fell in love with Caroline's dress, It's by Bailey Boys and it's linen with a pink ribbon trim and sash.  I did have my eye on some other dresses before I happened across the one we got though, so thought I'd share them as well.

Any little lady's Easter outfit would not be complete without their very own hat, or my favorite a bonnet.

I still haven't gotten a Beaufort Bonnet for Caroline, and I'm pretty sure the Easter cutoff to order direct has passed, but you can always find one of their retailers and have them ship to you in time for Easter. I have put off ordering one of two reasons. One, I just can't decide which to get and every time I make up my mind, I change it again. I'm leaning towards just the classic white with no monogram (gasp). And two, I'm afraid she just won't leave it on. She's terrible with her bows right now and yanks them out the second she realizes they're in. I'd hate to just waste money on something she'd refuse to leave on. But they're just so precious. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend. It was just gorgeous here in Kentucky and I'm hoping for more of the same all week!

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