Easter Weekend

Monday, April 21, 2014

We could not have asked for better weather this Easter weekend. Sunny and 75. Absolutely the most beautiful weekend we've had so far this year and it made for perfect Easter egg hunting weather.

Caroline must have been a pretty good girl because the Easter bunny paid her a visit. She got a soft little stuffed chick and a book to go with it, some new bath tub toys, stickers, church socks, some money in her eggs and some sweet treats, which were the very first thing she went for, of course. She's her mama's girl.

It was a mad dash to get ready for church after Caroline played with her new goodies and we had breakfast. 

My parents with all their grandchildren.

I just can't pass up the opportunity to wear a fabulous hat :) This one has Derby written all over it in a couple weeks!

The original four. My parents and sister. 

My mom and dad had baskets for all the grandkids at their house, too, so we went there before church for baskets and pictures, which everyone complains about the entire time, especially the men. The pictures, not the baskets.

I just LOVE Caroline's Easter dress. It's by The Bailey Boys (which means made in the USA) and I got it from a shop called Mommy and Me in Gadsden, Alabama.

Later in the day, we had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids at our house. Since I'd been working in the kitchen since after church to get family dinner ready for everyone, when Caroline was ready to nap, I asked Juston to run to the store and get eggs to stuff, Starburst jelly beans and mini Reese cups for the egg hunt. A simple enough request, complete with even the brand of candy to get...

Caroline really loved it!

It was just about the cutest thing watching her carry her little basket around and pick up the eggs. I swear, she just seems so much more of a little girl now and now so much a baby. 

Caroline with her haul. She made out okay, but didn't get any of the candy inside. 

Back to my mention of my husband doing the store run to get the eggs. The kids all start opening their eggs, and inside they find, rubber bands, bottle lids, zip ties, rope and other random junk that was NOT on my list of egg stuffers. Also, not Reese cups, and no Starburst jelly beans. I mean....just goes to show, if  you want it done right, you have to do it yourself and not procrastinate. Unless you want some sort of redneck Easter egg hunt, in which case, Juston is your man. 

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