Mother's Day Wish List and Gift Ideas

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mother's Day will be here before you know it, and I've started making my list for Juston to choose from, so I thought I'd share a few things from my list, plus a few of my favorite things that other mama's might love. 

If you love a monogram but you've never heard of Moon and Lola, you're missing out! The first time I came across this company was on a trip to Charleston, SC and their products are all so cute and on trend. The monogram jewelry is classic and timeless, so even though it's all current now, I think it still will be years from now as well. A couple of my favorites...

Sticking with the monogram, Number Four Eleven is based out of Savannah, Ga and they have some of the most gorgeous monogrammed linens I've laid eyes on. I would personally love monogrammed linens as a gift, but it's not everyone's cup of tea, but this bathrobe could be a more universally well-received gift. I think it'd be cute to include a gift certificate for a spa day along with the robe. Massage, mani, pedi sort of deal. 

Bourbon and Boweties...I have been loving this line of bangle bracelets since I first heard about them a little over a year ago. I have quite a few already, but am always looking to add to my collection, because while they're cute to wear just one or two, they're so fun to stack and the fact that they're made in the USA just makes me love them more. A few of my favorites...


I have two coin bangles, like the last one pictured and I love them, but they sell out quickly. I prefer getting neutral colors and that way I can mix them in with my pearl and gypsy coin bangles. I also got the pearl ring recently and wear it constantly.

Ribbon Chix  and The White Chandelier are great online retailers for the line if you don't have any in your town or close by.

A Charleston made favorite of mine is Rewined candles. My favorite scents are Cabernet, Savignon Blanc and Mimosa. The scents are all subtle, but so intoxicating. These candles are amazing and a great gift for say a Mother-in-Law. 

Park Hill Collection candles are also a favorite of mine and come packaged really cute so they're ready for gifting. 

If you really want to dream big, or your husband is a big spender, you could always ask for this Tory Burch backpack. Right now, it's 25% off with Code: PS25

I'm pretty lame, so I'm actually asking for a new chandelier to go over our kitchen table. The light fixture that's there now, Juston picked out when he was building the house with the intention of selling it. All but one of the lightbulbs has been burnt out for like four years, but we never change them because we want to change the fixture. We're lame. I usually end up asking for things that I would like for the house but just can't make myself order.  One year, I asked for bar stools for my birthday, a KitchenAid mixer another year. I'm one of those weird women who gets excited over gifts that may tick other women off, but I won't turn down diamonds or pearls either ;)

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