Yesterday was a pretty depressing day for me....after trying every way I could think of to get Caroline to drink the breastmilk I'd spent who knows how much time pumping and freezing, I finally had to throw HUNDREDS of ounces in the trash. I wish I could have at least donated it, but it was past the acceptable time limit to donate. I'll know next time if we have another one and I go this route again. It literally hurt me to throw it in the garbage. 

Moving on before I cry, Caroline got some stickers in her Easter basket and just loves them. She's even been sharing them with the dogs.

Poor Dixie. She still can't stand Caroline. She gives her the side eye and gets out of dodge as fast as she can anytime Caroline comes in the room. Caroline just loves her to pieces though. I'm hoping one day those feelings will be returned. 

I think I see a golf scholarship in our future, hopefully to Georgia, even if she is wearing her Auburn shirt :)  She is just loving the little golf club set my parents got her for Easter and she can really whack those golf balls. Her form leaves a bit to be desired since she just tomahawk chops her club on top of the ball, but hey, whatever works. 

Juston is on vacation (sort of) this week, so Caroline has been staying home with her Daddy while I go to work in the afternoons. They jut have a big old time together, but I don't think she gets told 'No' a whole lot when Daddy has her.  We've been having the most beautiful weather so most days are spent outside either watering the flowers, digging in the dirt with her new garden tools, taking walks, blowing bubbles, bouncing balls and just having a big time. She is definitely an outside loving baby. Speaking of outside, Caroline has always asked to go 'side' when she wanted to go out and play and here lately she's started saying outside instead. Well, it sounds like she's either saying 'roll tide' or ' 'hold tight' most of the time, but it's still kinda sad. 

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