24 Day Challenge

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Does anyone else have tons of Facebook friends constantly schilling weight loss shakes, pills, products, etc? You know, magic in a bottle? Maybe it's just my timeline that filled with all kinds of challenges to replace your meals with a magic shake a day and watch the pounds melt away. Everyone's selling something. I'd rather not buy into any of it. As someone who's spent almost a decade now working in the health and fitness industry, I can promise you there is no magic pill or shake. It's challenging, consistent workouts, eating clean and healthy foods and burning more calories than you take in if you're looking to lose some pounds. If you want to throw in a multi-vitamin, more power to you. But instead of challenging you to invest in a pyramid scheme shake chugging challenge, I'm giving myself a challenge to move more, eat less and do better these next 24 days, just as a jump start, and in case anyone else wants to do the same, I'm tracking most of my workouts here.
A few months back, a friend of mine asked me to do 12 weeks worth of workouts with her just to keep each other motivated. I hadn't lifted consistently for a bit at that time, so it was perfect for making me fit it in! We only actually worked out together maybe twice, but we were always sending our workouts for the day, our progress and support, which kept me going. I ended up losing about 2% body fat and 7 pounds over those 12 weeks, but I wasn't eating great. At that point, I was more interested in gaining strength back anyway. I made huge progress with that, so now I'd like to lean out, which also means cleaning up my diet. My goal is to drop 3-4% body fat over the course of the summer. I've never cared too much about the scale as long as my body fat fell within my desired range, but I do still weigh every week. I started cleaning up what I ate last week and lost three pounds already.
My workouts look something like this:
Run 5-6 days a week, for a total of about 12 miles a week
Circuits for time 3 days a week (This is cardio too since it's for time)
Splits (working out a couple muscled groups a day heavy) 4 days a week
In addition to that, I try to fit in around 80-120 pushups everyday. I just drop and do 20 anytime it crosses my mind, but I try to at least 4 times a day, the first set being as soon as I get out of bed and the last being before I get in bed for the night.
If you can't run yet, then walk a few miles a day as fast as you can. I'm taking the next 24 days to really amp up and dial it in to see just how much I can accomplish before we hit the beach at the end of June, but that's just my jumping off point. If you're interested in challenging yourself as well and participating, I'd love to hear from you, shoot me an e-mail :)
My Circuit for time yesterday was 5 sets
12 decline pushups
10 step ups each leg onto a chair
12 pike ups on an exercise ball
10 burpees
12 squat presses with dumbbells
I don't belong to a gym, so my workouts are at home using some combination of my equipment; dumbbells, weighted medicine ball, stability (exercise) ball, BOSU ball and resistance bands.
If you want to get started with a split style workout, check out Jamie Eason's 12 Week Transformation.  Another great resource for training is Crossfit. These workouts are great supplements to split workouts most of the time. Don't be intimidated by Crossfit; it really is for almost anyone if you do it correctly. I will usually use their for time workouts on my  circuit days.
I'm going to take my measurements today and compare it to 24 days from now. I know it may not sound like a lot of time to see results, but you absolutely can. Take before pictures (front, side and rear facing) if you're following along as well. That's a great way to track progress along with measuring your chest, waist and hips. Measure chest at the center of your boobs, measure waist at your bellybutton and your hips at the thickest part of your glutes. You actual hips won't shrink, since they're obviously bones, but you will lose fat off of them.
As far as diet, I drink 2 cups of water before I even eat anything for the day, then try to drink another cup each hour- two hours throughout the day. Especially with it getting hotter and running outside, I drink like a fish. Aside from water, I only drink OJ in the morning and skim milk with dinner. I don't eat in between meals unless it's fruit or yogurt, sometimes a spoonful of natural peanut butter. Meals usually consist of a protein and two vegies, sometimes a starch like veggie macaroni.
I'm really excited to see what the next 24 days will bring :) If you're following along, drop and do 20 pushups right now!


  1. Amen to all of this! When will society learn? :) Good luck on your challenge!

    1. I think the answer is never haha! A lot of people want fast and easy results at any cost, even long term health.