BFF The Next Generation

Friday, May 30, 2014

Great, long-lasting friendships can be hard to come by anymore, especially in this age of not-so-social media. It's easier to 'like' a Facebook post or shoot a quick text than to put pen to paper and send a note or actually use your phone for calling someone instead of texting.  I think when you find a true friend, it's so important to hang onto them for all they're worth!
My best friend and I have been going strong since age two and she has a little girl whose just a few months younger than Caroline. Obviously, it was meant for them to be next generation BFF's. Unfortunately, she moved way up north in Ohio a few months ago for her husband's work, but that's when we decided that we were going to go old school and start writing and mailing each other notes, just like we used to do in our elementary and middle school days. Our parents worked together, so we used them as our own personal mail carrier service to pass out notes back and forth (we went to different schools in the same town).
I got a note from Amanda a few weeks ago that they'd be in town, so we set up a play date for our little chicks.  I should preface this that to spite the looks of some of these pictures, they actually did really well and got along great. We've gotten them together a couple of other times and it's always a hoot to watch.
I swear, Caroline is handing Audrey the ball, not swiping it from her.

There's a picture so similar to this one of Amanda and I when we were just a little bit older than our girls. I'm basically bouncing off the walls while she gives me the most puzzled look. I think out girls are turned a lot like us.

Yep, we let her climb on the table. Well, more like we can't really stop her. She's like a little monkey and once she gets a foothold and some leverage, she could probably climb the ceiling fan.

My child is known for these type of looks. She may or may not get it honest.
 They just randomly kept hugging and it was THE cutest thing! Somewhere in a photo album at my parents house, there are pictures of Amanda and I around 2-3 years old when we first met. If I can dig them up, I want to add them here. I think it'll be so cool for our girls to have that to look back at one day. Hopefully, another playdate will be here soon because I see these two making a lot of great memories over the years.

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