Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First things first, big things have been happening around here the last week or so...

For basically the first time for a consecutive number of days, I have been able to lay Caroline down once she goes to sleep for her naps! This probably seems ridiculous to some people, but I have always, and I mean ALWAYS had to hold Caroline in order for her to nap for any amount of time. As soon as I would try to lay her down, her eyes were wide and she was ticked off. I don't know if it has to do with nursing or if she's just a light sleeper and a Mama's girl, but this is like a whole new world.
Basically how I feel now. I've been able to get workouts in, the house cleaned, blog posts caught up, and just a multitude of things I feel like I have to cram in at night most of the time. It's pretty awesome :)
I'm still working on weaning her and I think nap times and bed times will be the hardest. I'd like to have her weaned from all but her night time feeding when we go on vacation at the end of June, so we'll see how it goes. But I think this is promising...
I was carrying her around Wal-Mart looking for flowers yesterday when she just wrapped her little arms and legs around me and tucked her head under my chin. I thought she was just snuggling until her breathing got really rhythmic and loud. I was stunned. I was even able to put her in her carseat, drive home and more her to the couch and she never woke up.

I love it, but it's also a big milestone for us that is another reminder of how quickly she's growing.

Memorial Day weekend was just gorgeous here. Sunny, in the eighties, other words, it officially felt like summer! We even got in the pool for the first time this season!
My sister and her family have a pool that we crash a lot in the summers, like basically every day haha. Caroline really loved it! It was pretty cold still so she didn't stay in long, but it's safe to say we have a little water baby on our hands. I'm hoping my dad can work with her and have her swimming on her own this summer. He used to teach swim lessons when he was in school and taught my sister and I and all of her kids.
We didn't do a whole lot, just hung out with the family and relaxed. There was some bubble blowing, sidewalk chalking, cooking out and yard sale set up. It was a great weekend.

Saturday night, two of my sister's kids spent the night. Juston took my nephew fishing early Sunday morning and Caroline and I took Camden to church to meet my mom.
We had a family cookout at my parents Sunday afternoon and just hung out all day. We did go over to the camp grounds later that evening to hang out, too. Juston has finished building my raised garden bed, so we also worked on getting it filled with some dirt, but still need some peat moss and top soil before we get everything planted. Hopefully, we'll get around to that this week.

I just love this sweet little face :)
Monday, I did a yard sale the first half of the day, got in a little pool time with my nieces since Juston had Caroline and a great workout with my sister that evening.
All in all, it was a great weekend. I hope everyone else enjoyed theirs, and that you took the time yesterday and everyday to say a prayer for our military men and women. Happy short work week ;)

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