Mother's Day 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This time of year is always so busy for us, but I love it because it's like everyone is finally coming out of a looooong winter hibernation and socializing again. We've had so many graduation celebrations, cookouts, sleepovers and little celebrations over the last few weeks that I haven't kept up with posting about, so I'm back-tracking a bit here, but wanted to post about our Mother's Day and just a few other things.

Caroline was NOT having it with the whole bare feet in the grass situation. I ran out one morning to water my flowers and snap a few pictures of them while they are fresh and looking good (I  keep a flower journal of when we plant things, care they need and how they fare. I'm a nerd), and toting Caroline along never really thought about putting shoes on her. Well, she wanted down of course, so I put her down and for once she seemed pretty ticked about getting her way. She came around to it after a bit, but still wasn't a huge fan and asked for her shoes. 

Me, my mom and sister after our Mother's Day lunch. It's worth noting that we had to book the reservations for our own lunch since none of the husbands gave it a thought, naturally. 
We all went to church together Sunday morning, then to Desha's for lunch. Juston's mom came up from Harlan and my sister's Mother-in-law joined us as well so we took up three tables and half a room, but we had a great time.

I'm a terrible photographer, but for Mother's Day, I asked for a chandelier to go over our kitchen table. The one that had been up there since I moved in, Juston had picked out. It was hideous. Gold, not a single light bulb working, on the Lowe's clearance rack for $10 kind of ugly. When Juston built the house, he did so with the intention of selling it to hopefully make a profit but I loved making it a home once I moved in so we stayed. After searching flea markets, antique shows and catalogs, I found this Pottery Barn chandelier and it works perfectly in the space. I just love it. The pictures really don't do it justice because it couldn't be any more perfect. I've been on a slow but sure mission to give our house a 'home' feel and the kitchen/ dining area is the first one that I feel like is actually finished...for now :)  Also, looking at the picture above, it's never been more apparent that I eyeballed it when hanging those plates on the wall since they are definitely not even. haha. 
Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day, even if I am a couple of weeks late with the wishes. We sure did.

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