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Sunday, May 18, 2014

At the moment, I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,300 pictures and videos on my phone, so I thought it may be a good idea to start saving some of them here and perhaps finally print them so I can take them off of my phone and have some storage again. These are some of my favorites from my phone that I thought I'd share.
I get pictures from my mom and sister all the time when I have to work or am traveling and they keep Caroline and she's always into something. She loves front porch sitting with my parents and loves playing with her cousins loom bracelet things that they're always using. Pushing her in the stroller is just about the only way for anyone besides me to get her to go to sleep.
Just living the life, watching the world go by from her rocking chair.

For a short time, it actually warmed up here so we got to bring out the cute summer clothes! I just love those little baby legs shining.

Bubbles are also a big obsession lately and she loves double fisting the bubble wands.

We've entertained a TON of friends over the past couple of weeks and Caroline is usually up for helping her Daddy work the grill in the driveway. She just loves taking picture breaks with her Mama ;)
Her little table and chairs at my parents is one of her favorite places to hang out!

Juston got me my favorite flowers for Mother's Day, white hydrangeas. I had these in my wedding bouquet and they've always been a favorite. I need to get them planted soon! I do great keeping up with my outside flowers, but for some reason, my inside plants tend to die.

Bubble Guppies are Caroline's jam and she was so stinkin excited when my sister and her kids brought her this swimsuit home today! Had to try it on immediately, of course.
And finally, hand-me-down toys are the best! My nephew and nieces brought this Dora couch over that was theirs when they were little and Caroline will just kick back and watch her shows for all of about three minutes before she's up and running wild again.

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