Swim Favorites

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I've been searching for a couple of new swimsuits for this summer the last couple of weeks. I use my suits so much, that a lot of them will only last me about three to four years before the elastic starts breaking down from the chlorine and all the washing and it's been about that long since I invested in some new bikinis. I've already ordered this adorable polka dot bikini and I just love the heart cutout in the back. I typically just go the Victoria's Secret route, but I'm looking a few new places as well. Here are some of my favorites for myself:
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Caroline is pretty much set with her swimsuits for this summer. I bought a few on clearance at the end of last summer and got some great deals on them, so she shouldn't be needing any new ones. I will be keeping my eyes on a few in the hopes that I can get them for next summer when they go on clearance.  
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I love Lilly Pulitzer but to pay retail for kids items is sort of a waste of money. I usually shop the big End of Summer sale and get some great deals for things for Caroline. I've also found some really cute things on eBay as well.
All this bikini talk has me in the mood to take a run and hit some weights!


  1. Love the green gingham for you and of course the Lilly for Caroline :) I agree though paying retail is just crazy so I'm all about gently used. Looks like fun summer days are ahead of you!

    1. I'm such an eBay lover! haha Hope y'all are having a great week :)