20 Minute Circuit Workout

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Here's a quick circuit style workout to add into your workout mix. You want to do it for time, aiming to get in done under, in or around 20 minutes. My sister and I did this one the other night after a 2 mile run and were dripping in sweat! Enjoy!
*Some notes*
For decline push-ups, feet go on a chair, or sofa, etc, hands on floor.
Step-ups we did onto a kitchen chair
Roll-ins, get into a push-up position, feet on the stability ball, you roll the ball in and tuck your knees up to your chest, then roll back to your start position.
Burpees~ Have fun! haha
For the Squat presses, the press happened when you come back to a standing position, then lower weights to your shoulders when you squat down. We used 10 pound dumbbells.
Try to get done as quickly as you can and just use this workout as a supplement to get in a great total body condition and some added cardio benefits. 

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