Fat Burning Total Body Circuit~ Chair Workout

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another circuit style workout today. I've done this one before and keep it in my rotation because it's one of my favorite quick-to-complete workouts that still leaves me feeling like I've worked out pretty hard.  All you need is a sturdy chair and about 20 minutes, if that.
For decline push-ups, your hands go on the ground and your feet go on the chair.
Single leg squats, stand in front of your chair, lift one leg up in front of you and squat on your standing leg until your seat touches the chair. Immediately stand back up.
Tricep dips, be sure that your fingers are forward facing off the seat of your chair. Straight legs= harder to execute. Bent legs= easier to execute.
Step-ups, plant one foot in your chair and stand, return to start. I do all one leg before switching to the other.
Wide Leg Mountain climbers are executed like a traditional mountain climber, but instead of bringing your knees towards your chest, you bring them out to the side towards your elbow, isolating your obliques more than a standard mountain climber.
You want to complete a full rotation of this set, then take minimal rest time before starting your next set. 5 times through and you're finished! This is a great supplemental workout to your splits and regular cardio.

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