Father's Day Weekend

Thursday, June 19, 2014

So it was an interesting kind of week around these parts last week. Our Goddaughter was due back from South Africa last Thursday and we were going to pick her up in Lexington on Friday. Well, she brought back some sort of illness and asked if we'd pick her up from the airport Thursday night late and bring her on home with us for a few days. With her having been in another country for three weeks and me being a paranoid germaphobe, Juston picked her up and I packed a bag up and took Caroline down to my parents to stay a few days just to be on the safe side. If it was some serious illness, I didn't want her exposed to it. So we planned on staying with my parents until Sunday, then Juston ended up catching whatever illness it was which extended our few days at Mamaw and Papa's to almost two weeks. I'm sure my parents were thrilled ;) But Caroline had a ball!
She was pretty much attached to her cousins' hips at all times. Anyplace the girls were, especially, Caroline just had to be, too. The girls showed her how to catch lightening bugs, we took lots of walks, swims and trips around town. It's honestly the best behaved Caroline has been to date. I think it has to do with the amount of people in and out of my parents house at any given time. As soon as she started to get whiny or cranky, someone new was coming through the door to distract her.

My niece Jayden even made her a potty prize box for when we start potty training once we return from vacation and she just loved it. I thought that was the sweetest thing. We're going to put stickers and bubbles and some other cheap little things in there for her to pick out when she uses her potty.

The first thing she wanted to do every morning was go next door to my sister's house to wake her kids up and hang out on their porch. It's where the swing and bubbles are so obviously, it's the best.

She gave her Papa the spa treatment with her roughneck hair brushing.  Juston ended up being down for about two days and missed work, which he very rarely does, but the doctor advised him to wait another two days after he was feeling well again before going around Caroline.
Last Friday, I decided to make my very first out of town trip to Lexington with just me and Caroline since the last time I attempted it when Caroline was about five months old. That trip was a complete disaster so I've been a little gun-shy about trying it again, but about twenty minutes into the trip, this happened...
She slept almost the whole trip there and woke up as we were pulling into the parking lot of our first stop. A short trip over to Hamburg for a Target run and a few other stops and I'd say we accomplished our first successful Mama/ Daughter shopping trip. She was so well behaved that I decided a trip to Chik-Fil-A was in order. The fact that they have peach milkshakes had absolutely nothing to do with my decision. But Caroline was so excited over her little ice cream cup.

She smashed. Gets it from her Mama.
FINALLY, on Sunday after church, Juston came down to my sister's and we all went swimming and after an hour or so in the pool, Caroline and I went back home after what seemed like forever!  It was definitely an interesting week to say the least, hence the lack of posting for a few days.
Now we're getting in vacation mode and have beach on the brain. I managed to stay on track with my 24 day challenge workouts while we were displaced and so far, I've lost 7 pounds. In about 10 pounds more, I'll be at my goal weight. I haven't checked inches lost yet, but I'll be interested to see what the totals there are. I'll be getting a new workout posted tomorrow and am looking forward to some beach runs very soon!

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  1. The picture of her and Papa kills me!! Too funny! Hope y'all have a wonderful vacation,enjoy disconnecting for a while :)