Myrtle Beach 2014 | Part 1

Sunday, June 29, 2014

I haven't posted in forever, but I have a good excuse...we've been having a blast at the beach :) There's just something about being on the water that is like coming home for me, whether it's the ocean, the pool,  the lake, the river...I love it all. For our family beach trip this year, we went to Myrtle Beach, SC. It's not my favorite (I love Gulf Shores or Outer Banks the most), but I love getting to go with my whole family and spending that time together making memories. It's important for me that Caroline has that to look forward to growing up. They are memories that she will carry forever and so will I.
Me, Juston and Caroline stayed in a condo with my sister and her family and my parents in North Myrtle Beach, which to spite what you may think is actually not just the Northern part of Myrtle Beach, but an entirely separate city a good twenty minutes from Myrtle Beach. I just assumed we'd still be in Myrtle Beach where we've stayed in the past, but turns out we were a pretty good piece from there, which wasn't really ideal considering we drove into Myrtle Beach almost every day wee were there. It was also super busy in that part of the beach, but we still had a great time. We rolled into town last Saturday and stayed until yesterday so we had a good solid week to enjoy beachin' and soaking up the sun. I took way too many pictures and wanted to post them, so I'm splitting them up into two posts. These are the pictures from my good camera. I'll have to upload my iPhone pics later, which is usually what I use them most for pictures since it's so easily accessible.
Typically, when Juston and I travel, we like to do a lot of activities and sightseeing and things of the sort, but for the beach trip, my only agenda is beach, pool, eat, shop (Hello Tanger Outlets!), sleep, repeat.

The sass is so strong with my child it's not even funny. She gets it honest.

She loved checking out the ocean with her Mamaw and Papa.

 And of course her cousins. She would be lost without my sister's kids to follow around and love on.

These were before our dinner at the Sea Captain's House. A long wait, but a gorgeous waiting area out behind the restaurant right on the beach.

We actually managed to get some cute family pictures. Usually two of the three of us, (I won't mention any names), aren't very cooperative.

All the playing in the ocean really wears a girl out. She didn't do very well sleeping in her pack-n-play while we were there since we kept it in our room right next to the bed, so she usually ended up hogging our bed about halfway through each night. But she's a good snuggler so it's okay...most of the time. Typically when we travel, she has to sleep away from us in order to sleep soundly. Any noise that she's not used to tends to wake her up.  
We had a really great trip and I'm so glad we were all able to go again this year. Caroline absolutely LOVED the ocean and the beach. She'd just run towards the water, sit for a spell in it, then run back to the shoreline, laughing and hollering the whole way. She loved the pool just as much and even started kicking around without us holding onto her. She always had her puddle jumper on to keep her afloat and on of us right beside of her, but she started asking us to let go of her, so we just followed her lead. She'd say "fim (swim) Mama. Caroline do it." and just start kicking her little feet for all she had. Pretty adorable.
I'm now in clean up all the sand from everything we own, unpack, and laundry mode. When we got home last night, our air conditioner had leaked ALL OVER our finished basement, soaking the carpet, drywall and garage in the corner where it sits, but it could have been worse. My bathroom sink is full of water since I'd been washing my hands in it before realizing that it wouldn't drain at all. And every bill we pay monthly was waiting for us in them mailbox. Welcome home Pate family :)


  1. Caroline looks charming! I'm sure she enjoyed your stay at the beach more than you do, right? Anyway, got any plans on where to go next year? Why don't you try going to Boracay beach?

    1. Thank you! I've never heard of Boracay Beach I will have to check it out! Not sure where we'll end up next year just yet. Gulf Shores and Outer Banks are always favorites though :)