We Owned the Night

Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We sure did! Friday morning, Caroline and I started off working in the flowers, like most mornings. She loves to help me deadhead my petunias and water them, although, she usually rips off the pretty, full blooms instead of the dead ones. I'm working on fishing out our landscaping and raised garden bed, then I want to get some pictures and keep a record of it all here so I can remember how good it all looked before we leave for vacation and it all ends up dead.

Juston told me a few weeks ago that he had a surprise date night planned for Friday and to wear my cowboy boots. My sister and her family kept Caroline for us and we hit the road, destination unknown, at least to me.

 To Riverbend! He got us tickets to the Lady Antebellum concert and it was so amazing! They are one of my absolute favorites. We were lucky enough to catch them a few years back before they just blew up. They were an opening act for Tim McGraw.

You can't really tell a whole lot from the picture, but we had great seats and Lady A put on an awesome show! You can tell they just love their fans and are so appreciative. They actually had a small stage set up near the back of the stadium where they performed a set for the people in the rear to enjoy. I think my favorite would have been their encore. They sang 'Wake Me Up', which I liked better than the original recording, along with a mash-up of a few other current songs and of course their big hit, "I Need You Now".  Joe Nichols and Billy Currington opened up the show. We got stuck in some major traffic on the interstate and completely missed Joe Nichols, but were able to catch most of Billy, luckily. I swear, there's few pairings that are better than summertime and country music.
Meanwhile, my child was trying to keep pace with my sister's kids on all of their adventures that night! My nephew had his 8th grade dance, so Caroline went to watch them all walk in and socialized there, then went out to dinner with my sister's crew, where she actually sat in a high chair, which she has never done for either of us.

 We didn't get back home until after midnight, so my sister decided to just keep Caroline for the night instead of waking her up for us to take her home. She's such a light sleeper anyway, so she crashed at the Walton pad.
And woke up all smiles! She always wakes up crying at home. I have no clue why, but the two times she's spent the night with my family, she woke up happy both times. I'm trying to decide whether I should be offended? Or perhaps just send her down every weekend so she'll wake up this happy.
Monday morning started off with tons of running around and errands to do...
Starting with dropping these two stinkers off to be groomed...
And grocery, bank, post office, library, you name it! But it was such a great weekend. As much as I LOVE my child, it is so good to get a night away every now and then. I slept like a rock and until 8:30 Saturday morning!
My sister's kids have one day of school left after today until their summer break starts, and then we are officially in countdown mode to our big family beach trip! I'm so excited to see Caroline and her cousins playing it up in the water and on the beach. I bet she'll hate the sand, so I'm on the hunt here locally for some baby water shoes, hoping Wal-Mart will have some in her size. In the meantime, I've been list-making like crazy and already laying out outfits to pack. Am I the only person who starts packing for trips like a month in advance? Oh well, I'm excited! We've got another big weekend coming up, welcoming one of our Goddaughters home from South Africa, graduation parties for some of the girls I've coached in cheerleading over the years, a cookout, a fish fry, another yard sale and hopefully lots of pool time.
I just love summertime! The first person to complain about the heat or even speak of "fall", I will slap! It's pool time :)

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