Five on Friday

Friday, July 25, 2014

I've never done this Five on Friday thing before, so I thought I'd give it a whirl and start with five things I'm loving found via Pinterest this week.
One. These adorable leopard slip-ons. I couldn't find them anyplace to actually buy online, but I think at one time, Gap had them. Either way, pretty sure I need them.
Two. This picture is absolutely my idea of heaven! A big hunk of fresh watermelon, a good book and the beach. What's not to love here? We are in countdown mode to our next beach trip to Isle of Palms in November!
Three. How gorgeous is this entryway?! I'm always daydreaming about what our next home will look like; the home we plan to make our forever home and this staircase is just what I had in mind. I love a grand staircase. I just imagine Caroline walking down it in her prom dress one day, some starry-eyed little gentleman and her very nervous daddy waiting at the bottom. Either this staircase, or the one from Tara in Gone with the Wind. Either would do ;)
Four. This garden pathway. I love landscaping and this is what I'm working towards with our landscaping eventually. Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers so I love the height and color they add in the center and how the boxwoods fill in the space between the perennial hydrangeas and whatever annuals you want to add that flower and grow low nearest the sidewalk. Looks perfect to me.
Five. I just love antiques and shopping through flea markets or antique stores looking for the perfect pieces to add to our home. I've had a mirror in mind for our entryway forever that I think would look perfect. Maybe a little ornate for our house right now, but again, thinking in terms of our eventual forever home, I like to look for pieces I think could work for both. This mirror is exactly what I have in mind. The scale is definitely too large for our current entry, but I love how opulent and ornate it looks. And I love the character that antiques and older pieces can add to a home. They just don't make things like they used to.
So that's it, my first Five on Friday. Hope everyone has a great weekend :)


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