Funday Monday

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Some days just turn out to be even more fun than others, and for us, Monday was one of those days.  We didn't do anything particularly special, it actually started out like all of our mornings do.
We took Lucy and Dixie for their mile long walk around the neighborhood and for the first time, Caroline held Dixie's leash the whole way! She asks to a lot, but I don't usually let her for long, but Dixie was being really calm and she did great, so I just let her hold it. She loved it.

After our walk, we headed out to water the flowers like we usually do in the mornings and that when this wild child got ahold of the hose and tried to soak me. If you can't tell from the rotten little look on her face, she thought it was just the funniest thing ever to send me running to the deck.  I am so in for it with this kid.
We headed down to my parents house, which is right next door to my sister who's home for summer break since she teaches. Caroline loves bouncing back and forth between their houses to play with everyone. Every morning here lately almost as soon as we're done with breakfast, walking the dogs and taking care of the flowers, she'll as me to "Ride Jeep.  Go Mamaw Papa's. Paula's Pool." It's pretty cute. I love that she's so close to the family.
When we got down to my parents, my nephew planted the seed that we all go to a soda shop about twenty minutes away right on the riverfront. We hadn't been for the longest time, so we all pretty well agreed that it was a solid plan.  Everyone of us loaded up in my sister's car and made the drive for a family lunch date.

 My niece won a free ice cream in the gumball machine (I know that makes no sense) and let Caroline have it. Her lunch was literally ice cream and chips. She usually eats really well and a wide variety so I thought what the heck.
The drive home was just more than a little lady could handle and she knocked out about halfway into the return trip. I'm trying to mix up her daily routine since I've cut out all but her nighttime nursing session here in the last two weeks, so this was helpful that she fell asleep on her own for her nap. It was such a fun little day trip with the family. I just wish Juston could have tagged along. Hope y'all are having a great week!

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