July 4th Weekend

Monday, July 7, 2014

We had such a wonderful 4th of July long weekend and I hope everyone else did, too. How great is it when a holiday falls on a Friday?!

We sported lots of festive holiday wear of course. We all slept in on Friday morning, if you really consider sleeping until 7 am sleeping in, and Juston made us a big breakfast. Caroline and I went out on the boat with my sister and her family. Juston is just not much of a boat person unless fishing is involved and he's working on his next book, so he wanted to get caught up on all of that while we were out on the water.

 She absolutely loved her new lifejacket and refused to take it off the whole time we were getting everything packed up and put in the boat. She thought she was the business in that lifejacket and she basically was :)
 Within twenty minutes of being out on the water, Caroline completely sacked out! She napped for about 45 minutes while we rode around and woke up happy as a lark. She usually wakes up crying or at the very least whiny.
She was ready to take on the water when she woke up. She jumped right on in with my nieces and swam around attached to my sister. She just had the biggest time.

That evening, our town had a big fireworks display like every year, so we went to my sister's camper for a cookout. We contributed corn and red, white and blue fruit, nothing fancy, but good stuff! The kids all ran around the campground and played cornhole, another of Caroline's favorites until it was time to haul our chairs down to the riverbank and watch the show at around 10:00. Caroline almost made it through the whole 45 minutes of fireworks, but once her mouth finally stopped running, she went out like a light while we enjoyed the rest of the show.  

Saturday, my sister's girls spent the night with us and Caroline had a little swinging accident, but she recovered pretty quickly. We worked in the garden, which is growing like crazy so far, and played outside until it was bedtime.
Sunday was spent hanging out with the family in the pool and just relaxing.  Long weekends are the best! I just love when the whole family is together having fun! Caroline wouldn't know what to do without her cousins to hang out with 24/7. I already know she's going to be lost when they head back to school in a few weeks, but for now, we're just going to enjoy sweet summertime and making some really awesome memories. Happy Monday, y'all!

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