The Holy City~ Part 2

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day two in Charleston was just as great as day one and involved a whole lot more walking. We got up that morning and enjoyed breakfast at The Palmer House before lounging around for a bit. We decided to walk up to Calhoun Street to check out the Ft. Sumter boat tour and just happened to get there right before a boat was set to leave at noon. In all of our trips to Charleston, we've never actually gone to Ft. Sumter. We've done Ft. Moultrie over on Sullivan's Island but for whatever reason, never made it to what is possibly the most infamous fort in the Civil War. It took about three hours total, but we ended up getting to see a ton of dolphins up close and personal on the way to and from the fort, so that was pretty cool.
As soon as we returned from the fort, we headed straight for Jestine's Kitchen and some shopping on King Street, always one of my favorite activities while in Charleston :) Just these few things ate up practically our entire day. By the time we finished shopping, the skies opened up just as we were starting to walk back the East Bay.
I kid you not, every time we do Charleston, we end up getting soaked in the rain while walking someplace. I don't think our trip would have felt complete if we hadn't gotten drenched on the walk home. Making memories and remembering to dance in the rain :)

We had intentions of going to Husk for dinner, but they were completely booked the day before when we called, so we decided to walk to High Cotton instead and were not disappointed in the food or the atmosphere. 
We met this beauty on the walk to the restaurant. She was just hanging out at her gate watching the world go by.

And yet another plate of shrimp and grits for me. What I really love about dishes like shrimp and grits is just how different each person who makes them does it. These had a ton of depth of flavor and if it's possible to taste like the Lowcountry, they did. Dessert was peach cobbler. I'm telling you, we eat like royalty in this city, but all the walking (and sweating like a whore in church) means it's allowed.

Thursday morning came WAY too quickly and we were really not ready to leave this beautiful city at all. I still had so much on the list of things we wanted to do and see that weren't checked off, but leaving was just a tiny bit easier since we already know we're going back in November.
On the list for November is definitely seeing the Angel Tree, trying a few other restaurants we haven't been to yet, Drayton Hall Plantation, Christmas shopping and a few other things. Check out the view from our piazza Thursday morning!

Is it any wonder it was so hard to leave? These last two posts have all had my iPhone pics; I did take a ton of photos with my good camera, but I'll do a separate post with all of those in it.
Until we meet again, Charleston. I'll be carrying the memories from this magical visit and dreaming about you!

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