Week in Review

Monday, July 28, 2014

The older Caroline gets, the easier it is to start running around town with her and the more fun it seems, especially when the weather is cooperative. So here's a few pictures from our week last week and some of the places we ended up :)
We started the week off right with a visit to see Juston at work. Caroline is always a big hit around the college and I think her daddy is proud as a peacock parading her around to show everybody he works with. He thinks the world of his co-workers and has said since before we were pregnant that he wanted the college to be like a second home to her. And Lord knows she's not shy. She hugged at least seven people and spoke to everyone she walked past before we'd left that day. She is her daddy's child.
On the evenings that I don't run, I've been trying to take my sister's kids for a bike ride around downtown instead and Tuesday evening was absolutely perfect for it. We did about a 3.5 mile loop through town and always stop for a bit by the river. I love our pretty little town.
Wednesday meant some pretty hard playing with her cousins and some pool time. This has been the most unseasonably cool July that I can ever remember. I like my summers hot, humid and sunny and this one has fallen a little flat in some regards but we sucked it up and played in the cold pool.  Kids don't care, it's adults who are wimps about cold water usually ;) Caroline is doing great with her puddle jumper. She wants to swim by herself with it on and loves to swim in circles. It's obviously not a life-saving device, so I stay in arms reach wherever she kicks to, but it's so great to see her be so fearless. I hope she stays that way. I feel like kids learn to be afraid of things according to their parents reactions to them, so I make a real effort not to freak out over the things she wants to try.
Those two pictures above are two of my favorites to date!
There was also some pretty hard core napping after all that splashing around.

While Juston and I were in Charleston, my sister took Caroline to story time at the local library. I was a little bit worried she wouldn't sit still and behave so I hadn't taken her yet, but my sister said she just loved it, so we went this past week and she had a blast! Her favorite part is the music and dancing. She had ants in her pants during the three books they read, but she has to learn to sit still and listen, so no time like the present to teach her. She got to use rhythm sticks (which she LOVED) and do a craft after dancing.

She was so proud of her art project :)

 Swinging on my sister's front porch is one of her favorite things to do. We spend a lot of time at my sister's house in the summer since her kids are home and Caroline loves playing and my parents live right next door.
We were driving around town before library since I had a little time to kill (I'm never early so this was a surprise), and I happened to see the smoke stacks of one of the boats that docks downtown sometimes. We parked and ran to the dock just in time to catch the Queen of the Mississippi docking. Another thing I love about our little town.

Friday evening, we decided to get dinner at a local pizza place and take it to the River Park to eat in the picnic area and then Caroline just played and played on the playground and swings. She had the biggest time. I was too busy chasing her to get any pictures. And our weekend has been pretty low key. Just did a little swimming Saturday and hung out at the campgrounds with the whole family Saturday and had a lazy Sunday yesterday since the rain kept us inside. We did help my brother-in-law move a ton of furniture around in their house since they're re-finishing they're ripping up carpet,  hardwoods and painting. I love getting into projects like that. I have to be honest though, it's giving me the itch to paint something (s) around our house and freshen up. Renovating must be contagious :)

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