Our Birthday Celebration

Monday, August 11, 2014

As some people who read here may already know, I had Caroline on my birthday, so we share August 7th now :) Well, I really wanted to make sure that Caroline's birthday would be special this year, but not over the top, so we did a few small celebrations over the days surrounding August 7th.
Starting with her birthday morning. I stayed up until 2:30 am putting together a retro kitchen so that it would be in her room when she woke up that morning. Juston fell asleep on the couch around 10, so I thought it wouldn't be any trouble getting it put together on my own. An hour...tops. About 4 hours later, I half-assed the last door and legs and dragged it into her room before crawling into bed. Totally worth it to see the look on her face the next morning though and she loves it!
Juston made Mickey waffles before heading off to work and Caroline and I got ready for Story Time and the library. It was so perfect that her birthday fell on a Thursday because she just loves the library.

My parents got a Sit and Spin for us Caroline and she absolutely has a ball spinning around on that thing!

I had a surprise waiting for my when we got home that evening. Juston had invited some of our friends out for a surprise party for me. We cooked out and pigged out and just had a really great time! The kids all had a ball running around the yard and house together. Of course the littlest among them, Caroline, spent her time bossing all the big kids around. The funniest part is that they all listen ;) 


Friday we went down to my parents house and ordered pizza and they made our customary homemade ice cream, otherwise known as Heaven in a bowl. We only get it on our birthday's (my sister and I) so it makes it that much more special and delicious!
Saturday, we had Caroline's two year pictures done around downtown and I can not wait to see them! Our photographer showed me a few on her camera as she was snapping and they were precious! Caroline was really well behaved and did everything we asked her to do. She couldn't have been better!
Sunday was Caroline's party and of course it started pouring rain about fifteen minutes before everyone arrived, so the water balloons, slip and slide and outdoor dining options were pretty much off the table.

My aunt and uncle own a bakery and they made her Bubble Guppies cake. She flipped when she saw it and tried to dive into it! It was the cutest thing!

The rain stopped just long enough for Caroline and her cousins to have a blast getting soaked with water balloons and the slip and slide. She can not get enough of the splash pad and pool that are attached to the slip and slide. This picture basically sums up our birthday celebrations...awesome. A big thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate. 

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