Road Tripping + Lilly Sale Shopping

Monday, August 18, 2014

We had such a whirlwind, fun weekend! At the last minute, we decided to take a trip to North Carolina to visit some of our very favorite people! My friend Missy gave Caroline her youngest daughter's bed since they are moving to a new house in a different part of NC and got a bigger bed for their youngest, so Friday included packing up. But there was fun to be had before leaving town.  I coached cheerleading for years before staying home with Caroline and two of my very closest girls came over for breakfast Friday morning. They left for rush at UK this weekend so we had a See Ya Later breakfast celebration. Caroline loves to entertain and had a blast with the girls. I'm hoping they're loving rush!
I wanted to wear Caroline out as much as possible before the drive, so we spent some time playing in the yard in her pool and she LOVES that thing!

We cruised through Elkin, NC on Friday night and packed up the bed, then headed on to Sanford to check out their new digs and visit on Saturday morning.
My child is a terrible car sleeper. We're lucky to get her to take a 30 minutes nap, but she sure does look sweet when she does.
She looks so tiny in her new bed :) It is just the cutest bed. We probably won't be able to move her into it for a few years since she's such a WILD sleeper, but it will look perfect in her room once it does get moved in.
Once we got to Sanford, we were so excited to see our friends and check out their new town! I have to say, what I was able to see in the short time we were there, I absolutely fell in love! They have the cutest historic downtown area that I can't wait to explore when we get back for our next visit.

I just love this woman! I have learned so much from her over the years and she just epitomizes what a Southern Lady should be. We are very luck to have this family in our lives.

Caroline just loves sweet little Addi. They are the best of buddies when they get together.

And I can't forget about Aubie. She usually does very well with him, unlike our poor dogs who she climbs all over.
We headed home late Sunday morning and decided that since we had put Caroline in the car for hours three days in a row that we would try to break up the trip home as much as needed. First stop, Mt. Airy, otherwise known as Mayberry from The Andy Griffith show.

The downtown area here was very busy for a Sunday, especially considering that most of the businesses weren't even open. There were a few though and some restaurants. We chose to eat at Barney's Café. It was a much needed cheeseburger and sweet tea stop :)

I've honestly never much watched Andy Griffith, so I wasn't sure what to look for, but Juston has always loved the show and uses it a lot in his leadership teachings.

We ended up only having to stop one other time in Huntington, WV for gas and some leg stretching. Let me just tell you, that's the last road trip we will take Juston's truck on unless we have to haul something again. We had to stop and fill up twice as much as we do with my Jeep. Also, Caroline's Daddy got her that cup pictured below and she played for thirty minutes using her straws as drums. It's the simple things in life :)

One other thing today, who has already shopped the Lilly sale? I got on early and was pleased that it went very smooth this year. No website crashes and I only lost two things out of my bag, but that's because I didn't check out immediately.
Here's what I got for me:

And Caroline:

I may go back for more, but I was really pleased with the prices and what I was able to get. I got some Christmas gifts as well, but those people read here, so that's my secret for now ;) Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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