Caroline~ Two Years

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My little sass pot turned two last month, but we didn't get to the Doc for her check-up until this past week so I waited to post this until I had official measurements.
Height: 34 Inches (70th percentile)
Weight 25 Pounds (50th percentile)
Head: 19.5 inches (90th percentile. Must be all those smarts in there)
Shoes Size: 5
Clothes: Some 12 month, mainly 18-24 month and some 2T
Attitude: See photo above

Since my first born entered this world on my (now our) birthday, she has made it clear that it is her world and we're all just living in it ;) I won't lie, I had a really tough time with her for about the first year. She just has such a strong will and stubborn nature and she was a very tough baby. Tough to the point where I was pretty convinced after a month or so that she'd be my only child. But she really turned a corner and I have to say, two-year-old Caroline is just about the coolest kid you could ever hope to meet. She does still have the strong sassy streak and you will not make this child do something she doesn't want to, but I've grown to appreciate and value that about her. I really hope that she is able to maintain those qualities as she grows up because she won't be pushed around by anyone, that's for sure. On the flip side of the sass, and by sass I just mean her fun little attitude, not in a bad way, she is such a little sweetie. If you sneeze, she always says 'bless you'. If you say ouch, she gives you the most concerned look and will ask "you otay, mama?'. She will usually say please and thank you when asking for something and knows to say 'Yes Ma'am and Sir' when answering other people.

The doctor said she was ahead of where she needed to be as far as speech so I was glad to hear that. She speaks in about 5 word sentences and can communicate very efficiently and has been since about twenty months.
Her favorite shows are Bubble Guppies, Mickey and Sophia. Really almost anything on Disney will grab her attention temporarily. She can not sit still for longer than two minutes, I have timed her. I love it that way though because she's always keeping her little mind and body busy.
Her favorite things to play with are her kitchen and her tool box. She also really loves books and random things like my kitchen utensils and Tupperware. Currently, she loves for me to put her hair in pony tails and add bows. She used to hate it.
She will eat just about anything you put in front of her. I really attribute that to our love of cooking together most nights. Her favorite foods are pizza, chicken, any pasta, peach yogurt, breakfast bake and bananas. She loves apples, but only with the skin peeled off.

She says so many cute things that I wish I could remember them all to record so that I'll never forget them, but some of my favorites that she says a lot are:
"Up Mama, my need you"
"Pitty Pease" She will put her little hands together and bat her eyes when asking
"Pardon me" After she does something unladylike
"Open Mouf. I docta Caroline" With a flashlight in hand
"I okay mama" after taking a tumble or doing something dangerous that she shouldn't be
She's just such a joy. If I could freeze time and stay like this forever, I think I would. Becoming a parent is such a mixed bag of emotions. Part of you never wants your baby to grow up because you just enjoy it so much, part of you looks forward to a stage in the future. All of you just wished time would slow down because it most assuredly moves double time the second you're measuring it in your baby's milestones.
My biggest wishes for my girl are that she would keep her sweet heart always, stay as happy and personable as she is now and never let anyone make her believe she can't do something.

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