Fashion Friday + Fall Favorites

Friday, September 12, 2014

Time for another fashion Friday post :) I have fun documenting these posts since I've always loved shopping and putting outfits together. I'm in the process of picking out some new things for Juston for work since he will literally wear things until they're threadbare and falling apart. It's just easier if I do it myself instead of waiting on him to and I really love picking things out for other people, always have.
Top : Britt Ryan via Sugar | Shorts Tusk in Sun by Lilly Pulitzer | Shoes J Crew Old
Saturday evening I headed to watch one of the cheerleading teams I work with compete at a fair so I wanted to sport their school colors, which are blue and gold. They ended up doing amazing, I ended up getting lost going to and coming back (typical)! It's the first time I'd ever gotten to watch the routine competed, so I was really proud of the girls.

Top from Sosie
Monday evening, my niece had a basketball game, so I just threw this top on with some jean shorts and sandals and ran out the door. I didn't realize then just how badly it needed ironing! haha Oh well, they played well and won the game! And Caroline LOVED running up and down the sidelines and cheering with the cheerleaders and the crowd.

Dress She She Shells by Lilly Pulitzer | Shoes by Lilly Pulitzer
This was Sunday church attire. I ended up missing this dress in the After Party Sale, but was able to find it on eBay a couple of weeks ago. The shoes, I snagged in the ESS last year for a great deal.

Top by Annie Griffin Collection | Shorts J Crew Factory | Shoes Tory Burch | Bracelets Bourbon and Boweties
This top, I love and it's another eBay find, along with the sandals. It's a great transitional top because it's light weight enough for the warmer days, but has fun fall colors.
Shirt from The Blue Door Boutique | Pants by Gap | Shoes J Crew Factory | Bracelets Bourbon and Boweties
Last night I had a meeting at our church for a committee I'm on so I had to run right home from working and change out of the workout clothes and get ready for the meeting. Anymore, I just feel like my outfits aren't complete without a few of my bangles from Bourbon and Boweties. I've purchased them from a few places, but most are from the shop I linked above.

In other news, Caroline's hair is finally long enough to go up in a ponytail! Granted, it will only stay in it for about five minutes before it's all falling down and looking a mess, but it's an adorable five minutes

I found Stacy Brown designs about a year ago when I fell in love with her hand painted bangles and a pineapple picture frame, but this camo bangle will be my first purchase. I just ordered this week so I haven't gotten it in yet, but I can't wait to get it!

I got the Zara blanket scarf last year that everyone went gaga over and I really do like it. I just love plaid and flannel when the temps cool off whether in my wardrobe or in some accessories around the home. It's offered at a good price right now, too. I remember after these sold out online last year seeing them selling on eBay for like $100 when they originally retailed under $30. I think that's ridiculous, but I guess if people will pay it, who am I to comment? haha
This vest is pretty steep, but, I wear mine with absolutely everything as the weather gets cooler and J Crew Factory is always running sales and specials if you check in often enough. All the colors they have listed are pretty versatile.
I really like the look of ankle boots with skinny jeans. Nothing revolutionary about it, but I think it's a classic, simple style that looks good on many different body types. Plus, these boots are under $30!
For Caroline:
I'm still undecided on how I feel about adult overalls making a comeback, but I absolutely love them for little ones. I got Caroline this pair as soon as I saw them a few weeks ago and I already know what she'll wear when we go to the pumpkin patch and apple picking :)
I think buffalo check may be one of my favorite patterns ever and these pajamas and so adorable. I feel like they're pretty gender neutral as well. Use code "Happy" now at Gap and get 30% off.
I'll definitely be getting Caroline this monogrammed sweater in white and either navy, pink or red. I haven't decided which yet. I used simple sweaters all the time dressing her last fall and winter so a few basic pieces are always a good addition.
I think as far as shoes, I'm going to get her a couple of colors in the Puddle Jumpers we used last year. Probably a black and brown and call it a day aside from a pair of church/ dress shoes. My sister was really great about saving everything from her kids, so we have a pair of their snow boots in the event that we have another terrible, horrible, no good, never-ending winter like last year. I pray we never need to break those boots out!

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