Glory, Glory to Ole Georgia

Monday, September 22, 2014

So I mentioned last week that we had some plans for the weekend that I was pretty over the moon about...well, on Wednesday evening last week, Juston asked if I'd want to go to the Georgia vs. Troy game, that there were still some good seats available. Ummm OF COURSE I want to go to the Georgia game! 
Juston and I have a sort of Bucket List goal of wanting to go to a football game in every SEC stadium over the next few years, but this was far and away the one I was most looking forward to and the most special to me. I am a HUGE UGA football fan, so I've wanted to make the trip to Athens on gameday for years. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

We left Friday afternoon when Juston got off work and trecked to Commerce, Georgia where we stayed the night Friday. We got up bright and early Saturday morning ready to hit Athens! We got to Athens around 9:00 am and got parked and were off ready to explore. The University of Georgia is in an absolutely gorgeous part of the southeast and I could not have loved it more. 

 How gorgeous is this campus?!

I was so excited when I saw this Uga driving around downtown so we went to find him as soon as we parked. There are Uga's to be found everywhere around Athens and I love it! We walked around the shops and just people watched a bit before heading to the stadium to catch the Dawg Walk. 

 I really could have cried when I got the first glimpse of Sanford Stadium. It is a thing of beauty. 

We had great seats right up front for the Dawg Walk so I got some great shots of the players heading into Sanford. It was such an electric atmosphere with the band playing, the pom dancers doing the fight song and the cheerleaders leading the team in. Another chill bump moment. 

After the Dawg Walk, we headed to the bookstore to grab some things for Caroline and our t-shirts (we get family shirts from every stadium as we visit and I'm hoping to make them into a quilt for Caroline's high school graduation to send off to one of these great SEC schools with her when the time comes). The bookstore was a madhouse, I would definitely recommend going before the Dawg Walk or after the game. To spite how busy it was, we were able to get in and out really quickly. 

I got within a stone's throw of Uga a couple of times, but never enough to get a good picture of him, which was kind of a bummer, but there's always next time! How cute is his house on the field?! Complete with his own air conditioning unit! A dog's life he lives.

There just aren't words to describe the atmosphere at a college football game, especially this one, that I have looked forward to for so long. I really did tear up during the pre-game festivities. When the cheerleaders led the team out onto the field through the band playing, the crowd erupting in cheers and everyone on their feet...there's just nothing like it. I really do love college football, Georgia football especially. 

 One of my favorites parts of pre-game is watching the cheerleaders! Georgia's were amazing. They have all-girl and co-ed, both of which were so talented. And how great were out seats!!! Three rows up on the 50 yard line. Juston really outdid himself. 

Obviously, we had to get our picture by the hedges :) I even got my Tennessee football loving fella to wear red! Go Dawgs!!

I shot this one on my iPhone from our seats. I still can't believe we were in Athens a couple of days ago!

The game was a complete blowout in case you missed it, 66-0. I could have cared less though, just to get to be in Sanford Stadium and in Athens on gameday was the most incredible thing. We didn't take Caroline since it was going to be a lot of car time in a short period and then a lot of sitting at the game, My sister kept her for us. I do think that maybe in a couple of years, she will enjoy the whole experience and they have a good space behind the hedges where kids can get their wiggles out if need be. 

After the game, we stopped a Chik-Fil-A, because I really can't pass it up when we're close. Once we grabbed a bite to eat, we saw a place called the Bottle Shop nearby, so we made a pit stop in there in search of some Muscadine Wine and bourbon. My husband loooooves bourbon. I think it must be in the male genes at birth in the state of Kentucky. We found a little bit of KY in Georgia when we stopped :)

We came on home Saturday after a couple of stops since we didn't have Caroline with us. I think she approved of her little Uga we brought her back and she hasn't taken off her Georgia jersey since I gave it to her. She calls it her "Go Dawgs Shirt". Start 'em young, raise 'em right :)

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