Labor Day Weekend

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day weekend around our neck of the woods was a pretty dreary one as far as weather goes, but we still packed plenty in to the long weekend, starting Thursday night. My youngest niece and nephew spent the night with us since they didn't have to go to school Friday. Friday morning, we went grocery shopping where Caroline discovered the mini shopping carts thanks to Cammie :) My mom was impressed that they had them. She used to pack our little play carts to take when we were little. Just one more reason she's a better woman than I am ;)

We did some swimming that afternoon at my sister's house and then had a race that night. It's a Memorial 5K for one of my sister's friends who passed away from a heart condition when they were all in college, so her goal has been to make this one her very first 5K. Can I just tell you it was hotter than a $2 pistol and the humidity was completely out. of. control. But we did it and finished. My next one here in town is going to be in September. The run goes across the bride here in town so it's really cool. 


Both of my nieces participated in the race and won their age divisions. Jayden ran and Camden walked, so it was a family affair. 

Saturday morning started off with a little game of hide and seek. Caroline always finds the most well concealed places to hide. 


And of course, Saturday evening in the South only means one thing...GEORGIA FOOTBALL!!

My little Dawg was so cute cheering along with her mama (Daddy's a Vols fan). That Todd Gurley should be a shoe-in for the Heisman if he plays all season like he did Saturday's game. I just pray that he stays healthy because he is so fun to watch. 

Practicing her Game Face on Dixie. Clearly, it intimidated her. 

Sunday was a road trip day. We headed to Lexington to have brunch with our friend who was in from North Caroline getting our Goddaughter (her daughter) settled into her new apartment and her second year at UK.

Caroline is just such a completely different travel baby than what she was this time a year ago. It was completely miserable to take that child anyplace out of town, but now she makes seven and ten hour trips like a champ. Thank God for Bubble Guppies and snack foods. Luckily, Lexington is only an hour trip. 

This was our first time eating at Josie's in Chevy Chase and it was divine! Loved everything we had. Some of the best grits I've had to date and Caroline had a field day scooping the cream butter off her pancake. She also thieved most of my grits. 

After brunch, we headed to Home Goods for a little shopping. I just love that place. I always find the cutest things for the best prices. Caroline found a few things she loved as well...

She kept calling these little ghosts her buddies and her friends. I just had to bring one home with us :) She does such a great job right now of seeing things she likes in a store and picking them up to play, then putting them back with no fuss when I ask her to. I only hope she stays so cooperative over the years. 

I found Lucy the cutest dog bed while we were there and I'm not even kidding, it matches our bedroom duvet perfectly and fits under our bay window like it was made for it. She was on cloud nine and I was irrationally excited that it matched everything in our room so well. Parenthood has totally made me lame. haha Or maybe it's made me more self-aware? 

We've also been working on the potty training thing of a morning with Caroline. I try putting her panties on her once I change her out of her morning diaper. She's not really sold on the idea and I'll ask her aobut every 5-10 minutes if she has to potty, then actually have her sit on it every twenty minutes or so. So far, her preference is to tinkle right in those panties, then tell me immediately after. Oh well, I don't want to push it on her so we're just approaching it gradually for now. It will be so weird not having to have diapers anymore when the time comes. In the meantime, I'm reading up on some potty training tips and ideas. I figure it'll come when she's ready.

Dixie with the photobomb. 

Monday, we did a whole lot of nothing. Juston went Dove hunting with a friend all day since it was opening day so Caroline and I just hung out at my parents and sister's places. 

Last week and this week, the schools around here had Grandparents Day where the grandparents (or other special family members who don't get their own special day) can come eat lunch with the kids. Last week was Jayden's and this week was Camden's so Caroline and I tagged along. 

She was SO excited when I told her we'd be having lunch with the girls on their respective days. My nephew apparently doesn't have one since he's in high school now and everyone knows high schoolers are too cool for everything ;) 

We had a really great long weekend and hope everyone else did as well! I'm behind on everything blog related right now, but trying to get caught up over the next few days :) Happy Thursday everyone!!

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