Our Weekend

Monday, September 29, 2014

It's been a wild and crazy week and weekend around here! Juston was out of town in Arizona for a conference all of last week, then got further delayed getting home with the Chicago airport fiasco, so we were staying at my parents house until he got back. Around Wednesday, Caroline started getting a cough so we skipped her usual weekly activities like library and gymnastics and even a group playdate at the park I'd been looking forward to taking her to. But I don't want to be that mom that beings her germy kid around everyone's healthy ones, so we laid low. She didn't have any other symptoms and seems to be on the mend, but she was super clingy for a few days. 

 I always try to take a bunch of pictures to send to Juston when he's away and sleeping baby ones are his favorite and I just love this one! She does NOT sleep well when we're away from home and usually ends up in bed with me, which means I do not sleep well getting throat punched and roundhouse kicked all night long. She may be the most violent little sleeper ever!

We've had the most gorgeous weather the last couple of weeks. 80's, sunny and very low humidity. I'll take this kind of fall anytime! I'm really going to miss seeing her chubby little legs once shorts season is behind us :(

Juston finally made it home Saturday evening around 7 and we headed downtown for the local Pig Out Festival. We took two of my sisters kids with us and it was completely packed! I love seeing events do so well in our downtown because our small business district has really dwindled over the years. 

You might think Caroline snapped this picture of me and my sister since it's so out of focus, but that'd be my husbands handywork. Guess he was really excited to get some pork!

The food definitely did not disappoint! I got a sample platter and it had a little bit of everything; brisket and pulled pork sliders, BBQ chicken, baked beans and ribs. And I went smash mode and ate almost all of it haha! No shame in my game. Juston had the same thing and it was so good! There were probably 20 different tents set up selling and they all looked and smelled incredible.

My little assistant grocery shopper refuses to be constrained to the cart any longer than necessary. This is her favorite place to ride. And I can assure you that she is every bit as ornery as she looks here! We went to church and heard a really great sermon, hit the store and didn't do much of anything the rest of the day. Just the way I like my Sundays.

When I find something I love, I always feel the need to share it, so in that spirit, I got this Talenti gelato today at the store. If you have never tried this stuff, it is divine! I never thought I was really a gelato person, but I am officially converted after trying this one! 

Hope everyone had a great weekemd!

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