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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I have always loved trying new recipes, but lately found myself stuck in a cooking rut just making the same things week in and week out. With an overflowing garden and plenty of fresh ingredients, I turned to my usual resources to find some new recipe inspiration and got to work in the kitchen. The results did not disappoint!
Sorry for the iPhone quality on these pictures, but I just snapped right before I put it on the table. The first thing I decided to try was this cucumber and strawberry salad. Recipe can be found here. I initially found this on Pinterest and it is so fresh and delicious. All you need are cucumbers, strawberries, feta cheese and poppyseed dressing (I bought store brand).
 Next up was our main dish, tomato spinach tortellini. This was so quick to make, I'm talking maybe twenty minutes total and absolutely delicious. Caroline had three baby bowls of it! This is a dish that anyone would love, even picky eaters, but you have the veggies in there for a little added nutritional value. The recipe can be found here.

This Banana Cake...There are no words. I had a few bananas that were really too ripe for anyone to want to eat and I hate throwing food away, so naturally it seemed logical that I needed to bake something. I usually do banana bread but wanted to try something I never had before and came across this banana cake and my life is forever changed. It makes a whole 9x13 cake, so it's best for making when you are entertaining because you will want to eat the entire thing by yourself, it's that good! Recipe here. 

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